Sunday, June 17, 2018


Another day to work on that list I wrote yesterday.
Only right this minute, I can only think of one thing on it from memory.

And that is to make a more secure pen in the garage for the dogs.  Coco keeps jumping out of the one we have already set up, and then she starts scratching on the garage door, which does my head in.  

Right now Denim is in season, so can't be 'inside' as she's well ...  leaking!  And I won't have two dogs in and leave Denim on her own in the garage, so they all have to stay put.

It's hard on them, I know.  But necessary for a short period of time.

We got another panel of wood yesterday ... so today, all going well, Stew will be able to make the new pen for them.

The lady who got dibs on the pool table didn't pick it up yesterday as she said she would, but she assures me she's coming this afternoon.
Frustrating, as I know I could have given it to someone else in the blink of an eye.  I hope she turns up today!

The two new beds are set up in the spare bedroom now... I'm just waiting to take a photo in the daylight, then I can show you.
Sadly, I don't have matching bedspreads or duvets for them... but oh well... I will eventually make some I suppose.

But not right now.  I'm still making tree runners.  

Oh now I remembered something else on the list!  Make an adjustment to one of my stall display stands.  Stew suggested it.  I will show you the improvement... once it's done.  *smiles*

BUT... first up for the day...  GROCERY SHOPPING.   And a couple of other little jobs to do in town. Then home to do those things on the list.

And that's all I have for now... catch you later on with a couple of photos no doubt.


Who suggested this last night? ....

ABOVE:  I'm not sure.  What do you think?

Right, first and foremost.  I HATE THE BLACK BACKGROUND.
In the light of day.... super yuk.
But I had to lay it out to see eh?

I will stick to my white background, it's what works for me.  I have a pretty good eye for colour and detail (I think?), so will just go with what I like.

I have decided not to do the grocery shopping today. I'm so TIRED... my hot flushes have ramped up again, and I am getting very little good sleep.  I get a hot flush around about every hour over night, so interrupted sleep.

I feel like I've got weighs on my eyelids, they feel so heavy!

So, I shall just crack the whip at Stew, and 'help' him with the dog's pen instead.

 ABOVE: The spare bedroom's new beds. As you can see, we do need (want) some matching bed spreads or duvets.  And I want to paint the room to get rid of that pink detail!

 ABOVE:  This is where the fabric shelving went.  In the hallway in my bedroom, opposite our walk in wardrobe and ensuite.  They fit there perfectly without impeding our movement through the room, or cramping up any other room.

ABOVE:  Walking down the hallway this morning in bare feet... hmmmm that feels COLD/DAMP!
And yep, we have flooding through this area from a leaking dehumidifier.  DAMMIT.
We don't have a fan heater to help dry it out, so will probably do a shout out over Facebook to see if I can borrow one for the next day or two.

I will do that right now in fact.

And within a minute of putting a 'HELP' out on Facebook ... one of my FBG girlfriends offered us a heater and a dehumidifier to use.  Isn't that wonderful!  Thanks Hayley... who is also my neighbour across the road.  *smiles*

I forgot to take a 'Before' photo of the garage area before we started on the pen. Oh well... too bad ... shit's been moved now... and Stew is down at Mitre 10 getting a couple of bits 'n' bobs for the job.
It's going to look fab.

I'm so glad we didn't go grocery shopping.  It's taken us 4 hours to get the pen made, and tidy up the garage as we went along.

And now... we are heading into Hamilton as our microwave died!  And OMG how did we ever manage our daily lives without a microwave?

So, a new microwave is on the agenda ... right now!

4.45 pm:  And we now have a new microwave... but not quite.  It won't be here till at least Friday.  So back to 'old style' cooking/defrosting till then.  That should be fun. 
We will just have to factor more time into our meal preparation/cooking for now.

Now... what's for dinner?  It was going to be a chicken stir fry, but the chicken is not defrosted, so I don't know what we are having right now.  Probably chicken steaks done in the oven with veges.  All very boring.  

Feeling so blah right now.  Tired and a bit grumpy. 

One of those days I should have stayed in bed.  Is it too late for a cat nap?

Clearly it was too late for a nap.  I had to cook dinner.  Which is now done and dusted.    I'm now watching some mindless TV before bed.


  1. It doesn't grab me as much as the other ones you've sewn; what if the background were a pine green or navy blue?

  2. I like the black background for the autumn trees.
    I like the new beds and think they don’t need to have quilt that are exactly the same

  3. Hmm mm not sold on the black you have grabbed yourself some bargains alright. I bet you whip up some covers in no time, I would buy 4 great quality sheets and but a foot border of coLour quick and easy....

    1. Thats if I knew how to sew lol

  4. Oh Chris I feel for you with the hot flushes. My boss has just started getting them and I don't like to tell her how long they last. Hate saying it but I only had 3. The beds are gorgeous. Great bargain.

  5. Maybe put it out to facebookland that you need to borrow a microwave til Friday? Ya never know!!

  6. Have never owned a microwave. A bugger about your dehumidifier leaking. Hope u have a between better night sleep.

  7. I LOVE the black background,. It makes the colors POP.

  8. I really like the dark background with the colourful trees. Hot flushes - hate them. Apart from a few years on HRT I've been suffering for nearly 20 years.


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