Wednesday, June 06, 2018


It has been EIGHT WEEKS.

Eight long weeks of being 100% on track.

NO Carbs, and more importantly, NO SUGAR.

But yesterday I almost had a wobble.

I'm starting to crave something sweet.  


Yesterday for lunch I had some chicken rissoles and coleslaw.  And 2 hours later I tested my bloods and had gone UP to 9.7.

I was gutted!  I have not been over a 7 in EIGHT WEEKS.

And I said 'Fuck it all', and was so tempted to jump in the car and go buy CAKE.

But I didn't.  But OMG it was so close.

Emotional eating is still a problem obviously, even though yesterday I did not cave in and eat something I shouldn't.

I'm probably VERY lucky there was nothing in the house that I could indulge myself with!

But it made me realise that I am not 'safe' from falling off the wagon yet.  I am dying to have something sweet!  Everywhere I look I see cake.  Even in my dreams.  lol

I find that a bit weird, because my cravings always used to be pies/sausage rolls/club sandwiches!  Now ... nah..... it's cake.
Carrot cake.  Custard Slice.  Caramel Slice.  OMG I am driving myself crazy!


I bought some sugar free chocolate drink, so might have a couple of those every day till I get over this wobble.

Today is our Wedding Anniversary, 31 years married, together 32.9 years.  Not bad.  


I will be sewing today.  That's about it for now.
Catch ya later.


I told Griffin to take some of the beans out of one of the outdoor bean bags to fill the bag in his bedroom...

ABOVE:  TOTALLY what I expected to happen!
At least I had the foresight and asked him to do it here, where the mess could be contained, and not blown all over the place inadvertently.

MARKD   Yes!  Griffin did clean them all up.. it took him a while though, he tried sweeping them up with the broom... didn't work! lol

As for the sugar free sweets:

ABOVE:  YES!  I just remembered that Stew bought us some last week!  So I had one of the Fruit Drops... not so nice.  But the ButterCandy ones are delicious!
You just have to remember not to have too many or you will have a guts ache and a need to visit the bathroom ... like PRONTO!  lol

It's freakin' freezing today.  The sun is shining but it's crisp.  Don't think we had a frost today either, but it's COLD.

I made some Seed Loaves last week.  Kept them in the pantry cos the fridge was full at the time.  Had SOME, then thought today, "Hmmm, might have some with lunch".

WRONG!  Opened the tupperware container to see GREEN FURRY SHIT!  Whoops.  Clearly best to store Seed Loaf in the fridge afterall. 

So, I've now got a Seed Loaf in the oven, should be ready by lunchtime.  I shall be having some left over Teriyaki Chicken on a slice for lunch.  Yum!

Well... as soon as my Seed Loaf is out of the oven I'm popping into the supermarket to get some cream cheese and walnuts so I can make that Carrot Cake!  I am sure we can afford to have a small indulgence, though looking at the recipe, we actually won't be having very many carbs and NO sugar!  Certainly looking forward to trying it after dinner tonight.

ABOVE:  Cake made and sampled.
My opinion:  I didn't put enough sweetner in the cake, it's kinda tasteless.  The cream cheese frosting saves it from going in the bin.
While at the supermarket I also bought some 'sugar free' vanilla ice cream, so we can add that to the cake for dessert tonight.

It will be our first 'dessert' in over 8 weeks.

Well I won't be having any more of the cake tonight.  My tummy is really not happy today.
I thought it might have been the 3 sugar free sweets I had this morning, but Brylee and Stew came  home and said they had been feeling 'off' too, with numerous bathroom stops necessary.

As we all ate different food yesterday/this morning, I at least know it wasn't my cooking!

A FBG friend who works at a school here said there is a tummy bug going around her school, so maybe it's that?

BTW, Stew loves the cake!  So a win there for him.  

Well it's the end of the day, and we are just enjoying some mindless TV before bed.
Griffin liked the cake too, so no doubt it will get baked again.
Next time I will add more fake sugar to the cake mix.


  1. Happy anniversary.......and congrats on staying on track.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Now, for goodness sake have some cake - if you deny yourself all the time you will go and have some high carb cake. Look at this carrot cake recipe

    Make one for your anniversary - the cream cheese icing is delicious too.

    There are LOADS of low carb cake recipes and trust me, the carrot cake is as good as any you will find. I use the "Naturals" crunch sweetener from the supermarket, it comes in a plastic pouch and lasts for ages because you us half as much as sugar.

  3. You are doing great. Cravings are bound to happen. Some coleslaws do have quite a bit of sugar, maybe that's what has cuased the spike and the cravings. I find when I stay away from sugar, the least bit sends me craving. Kudos to you for all your hard work!

  4. I too crave sweets madly. I bought a bag of sugarless candy that helped quite a bit. (Werthers caramel coffee). After a while, I idn't even want them any more. ALso my wife makes these frozen yogurt bars, with fuit on top. They are quite good and good for you!
    Ha ha on the beanbag! When I was a teen, my friends had one break and I helped clean it up. Those pellets move away in front of the broom because of static electricity. Few things are harder to clean up. (Hope you made Griffin clean it up and not you!)
    Continue to do well and take it easy on yourself.

    1. Oh heck! I just remembered... Stew bought us some sugarfree sweets last week... off to hunt them out.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Make that cake that Lynda suggested and enjoy it as part of your anniversary celebration!

  6. Happy Anniversary and yes, make the carrot cake, it will help with the cravings and it is a special occasion which is what cake is supposed to be for, not an everyday food (I feel such a hypocrite even writing that lol).

  7. Make the cake! :D
    Happy anniversary!
    Have you done a reading after artificial sweeteners? It sends me cray cray, on a search for sugar for ages!

  8. Just a note... all seed and low carb baking has a very short shelf life. Like even the next day it's not so good so freeze it in slices or in chucks. Even the cake and muffins etc will only keep well for a day or so. I make batches of muffins (mainly for the kids) and always freeze them and take out what I need. I hope the carrot cake is good!! Enjoy.

  9. happy anniversary Stew and Chris xxx

  10. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I find the Atkins range of low carb indulgences work really well when it comes to wanting something sweet. I'm very fond of their version of the Bounty Bar - coconut/chocolate. But they do a wide range. They can really save your life when you're jonesing for chocolate/sweetness. You're doing great -- be proud of yourself. Karen in Sydney.

  11. Happy anniversary to you both. Those lollies are nice, but anything caramel is anyway

  12. Happy anniversary its a lovely milestone and many more to come .. Enjoy your time together and the rest will fall in to place


  13. Damn about the cake - maybe adjust it next time to suit your taste? I know I do that. Remember if you find a recipe you like (or if you make adjustments to suit you) write it down so you can make it another time!

  14. Happy anniversary'! I didn’t know what chicken rissoles was, so I looked it up, I am surprised it made your blood level go whacky. Bummer. They look tasty, I will try that recipe sometime. I am curious if the carrot cake did anything to your numbers. Good for you with the eating. You are an inspiration.

    1. I doubt the cake will do anything for my sugar levels as it has almost zero carbs or sugar!

  15. you are doing SO great with your sugar free living. I have a "wobble" about 10 times a day and I usually succumb to it.... sigh. Christy xxxx

  16. Happy Anniversary you two. You are the perfect couple you've done so well with your strict diet Chris. One little treat is ok.

  17. Happy Anniversary you two 😘

  18. My life is a wobble haha congrats on your wedding anniversary I always love hearing reading the”how we met story” xx bean bag beans pain in the butt!

  19. Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you are all feeling better soon.


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