Friday, June 08, 2018


Today first thing, I have a walk with the FBG's.
It's going to be freakin' freezing!
PERFECT for walking.  *smiles*

Once I get home I will be making the white organza sash for Brylee's ball dress.  I've not sewn using flimsy organza before, I hope it's not too tricky.

Once that is done, I will be working on another Green Tree Runner.  I started it last night, and I'm about half way through the sewing of it. 

So, clearly I have a good deal of the day planned out!  No idle hands around here today that's for sure.

In a week from now I have to go back to the Dr for a monthly review of my diabetes 'daily' prick test numbers.  I am hoping that once she sees my morning and night numbers she will say I can stop doing the prick tests every day!

I hate them so much, I hesitate before I stab myself EVERY SINGLE TIME, the dread is SO REAL.  


What a stunning day for a walk!  It was beautiful out there.  Virtually not a cloud in the sky, sun beaming down and a certain crispness in the air.
I got hot.  But not unbearably so.  The first quarter of an hour I felt like I was going to really struggle to get through it, but as time went on I had felt much better.

ABOVE:  Just a little video of us walking, there were 13 of us today.  14 if you count baby Lotta!  She was a perfect angel and slept the whole way.

It was just under 5 kms long and we did a moderate pace.

I have another little video to show, but it's still uploading.

Our town is looking utterly gorgeous right now with all the Autumn trees, the colours are so pretty.  I'm tempted to try making a tree runner with those colours. 

edit:  This is the 2nd edition of today's post... I had to delete the first one as I stuffed up the 2nd video and left no room under it for any more updates during the day.  Fixed now.

7 pm:  I spent the afternoon finishing another Green Tree Runner... it's gorgeous.  Won't show you as it's very similar to the other green ones already done.

Everyone has to cook their own dinner tonight, I'm taking the night off.

So people are eating cake and those cheap supermarket pizzas!  

Ending the day here, it will be a nice quiet evening for sure.


  1. Chris, there is no need to redo a blog if you leave no room. Click on the HTML button (left side above editing post) and you and go to the end, start typing and then when you go back to the compose window just put a hard return in front of what you've just typed and carry on!!

  2. Is it just me or are you videos not playing.

  3. I love autumn. It's so pretty. Just about all gone down here though.

  4. Lovely sunshine ans cool here as well. great day to be outside gardening and golfing. Lovely videos showing Cambridge with the last of the autumn colours.

  5. Thanks for taking us down memory lane lol Its been a while!! love the trees in colours they are just now and looks like you all had a ball !!

    Awesome love the GYO dinners ,,,amazing who has what lol and its all fun

    Enjoy the weekend with family ...

    the Kiwiana fabrics are stunning , can only get them that side of the Tasman !! Enjoy ..

  6. Your videos won't play for me, I'm iPad. So disappointing, I will keep trying

  7. Videos work on my iPad

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  9. Fall is the best walking weather! Lovely videos, thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend.

  10. Hello! I read your blog everyday and so enjoy hearing about all of your activities in New Zealand! I live in central Illinois, US, and we are in the midst of our typical hot, HUMID, sweaty summer with the occasional tornado threats in late afternoons. :) Your "autumn" table runner is just gorgeous...such vibrant colors....I would imagine you might be asked to make several in that theme. I am a retired RN so am thrilled to read about all your great news in working hard to control diabetes and maintain a great, healthy lifestyle! Thanks for sharing your life in your blog and God bless.


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