Friday, June 22, 2018


It's Friday.

I'm bloody thankful.  Cos Stew has been up in Auckland on business, and will be home today.
I really miss him when he's away.
I don't sleep well.
And I keep wondering where he is.  *smiles*

Oh and loading the dishwasher is his job!  lol

I'm working on another Tree Table Runner, it should be finished later on today I hope.  I did a couple of things 'differently' with this one... I wonder if you will notice?  I'm not going to tell you what I did... you will have to wait and see it, then guess.  (they are SUBTLE differences)

ABOVE:  I finally got myself a PopSocket.  I've wanted one for ages, but never saw one I liked.  Till the other day in the mall.  So... I got it.  It makes it easy to carry the phone and still have your hand free (kinda).  And I can prop it up and watch a video easily now.  Love it.

And... that's it from me... for now. 


I couldn't wait to show you, to see if you can pick the difference!

So, it's not got the binding on yet, but you SHOULD be able to tell???

ABOVE:  OK... maybe you won't be able to see what I did! Cos it's pretty small...

I better show you:

ABOVE:  Left side, different stitching around some of the trees, Right side I cut the fabric with pinking scissors.  I don't know which I prefer, but leaning towards the different stitching.

What do you think?

HORROR!   I let the dogs inside... as per usual after I'd gotten up outta bed.  Bad idea. Seconds after letting them in I realised that both pups had been digging in the dirt and were FILTHY... and were leaving footprints of mud all through the house!
Bloody hell... I then had to chase them around to get them to go out again.  Now... waiting for mud to dry.  Grrrrr.

So.. I'm expecting my new microwave to arrive at the shop today, ready for pick up.  I wait till after 12 then ring to see if it's in yet.  Even though they said they would ring me... I'm an impatient sorta person eh?

And of course it's there.  Only they hadn't got around to ringing me yet.  Of course.

*sigh*... so I go in and pick it up.  

ABOVE:  Isn't it pretty!  It's already at work defrosting a chicken for dinner tonight.  I'd put it in it's designated place, only I can't get it in there AND plug it in at the same time.  It's tricky.  Stew can do that when he gets home.

ABOVE:  The best thing about our new microwave?  The display lights up midnight BLUE!  GORGEOUS.  *big smiles* 

Big thanks to LYNDA for helping me sort out Comment Moderation/Email notification.  I now have Comment Moderation back ON.  Not that I've had many nasty comments lately, which has been rather nice.

Got a lovely chicken in the oven, with veges roasting too.  Dinner will be YUM.  Stew is due home in another hour or so... I've missed him.

Can someone OTHER than Steve leave me a comment so I can see if Moderation/Email Notification is working please??? 

Well it looks like SOME comments go to my email, and some don't.  So still some glitches in the system obviously.  Let's see what happens to the next couple eh?  Is rather annoying though.

Coronation Street is on soon, so time for me to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I have had a PopSocket for a long time and really love it. I bet you will like having it. Like many things, my granddaughter insisted that I get it.

  2. It reminds me on one of those knobs that people used to put on their steering wheels.

  3. I used to have a pop socket but now use one of those rings - does the same thing but I like that I can secure it to a lanyard as well. I have one phone cover with no ring on and another for when I want it. Last week when I was taking photos off the edge of the cruise ship it was good to know it wouldn't fall in the ocean! I saw so many people holding their really expensive phones over the water.

    I like the different stitching around the tree!

  4. Siobhan has a pop socket, I really didn't get the point myself :-)

    1. Tracy, you can support the phone with it if you are reading or watching a video. You can hold the phone secure when you are taking a selfie and it makes holding the phone much easier if you are reading kindle or something. I bought my daughter the ring kind a couple of weeks ago and she's totally addicted to it already!

  5. Microwave looks good

  6. pretty cooking machine :)

  7. Hello....I sent you a message via messenger

  8. Love the pinking shears ones . Picked them straight away,,, but wonder with time ,,

    if they would fray? so no doubt you need to do those finishing touches Chis,,

    By Now Stew will be back there safe n sound and you can get the micro set up in the morning Love the blue lights on it,, always easy to read in a hurry!! Love that Lynda has so many good ideas on the eating plans ..

    Enjoy the weekend all of you on here


  9. here is a comment!!!! Christy xxx

    1. LOL... thanks Christy. AND it went to the right place too, amazing.

  10. It must be working Chris last few messages have gone straight thru on here ..

    Cheers !!

    1. Not quite Chick.. now they go to my email first, and I publish them from there... any that are not nice get deleted. That is why I do it, so no one gets their nasty comments on my blog. I have published your last two as soon as they came into my email box. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  11. Love the little new touches on the trees... bet it's cold up your way tomorrow it's foggy and frosty already here!!!

  12. Cheers and sleep tite Chris Stew and co,,,, as we all will here .. Winter nights are rest and snuggle down early times rest of the days are full on !!


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