Thursday, May 31, 2018


I'm having one of those weeks where I'm damned if I can remember what day it is!

Pretty much all week I thought the next day was Friday!  Derrr, even on Monday!

No idea why?  Just can't keep track of the days right now.  Feel a bit befuddled often, and I think it's because of having a few near low's... it affects your thinking.

So, clearly still working on the balances.
This week all my numbers have been 5's or 4's pretty much.  So on the lower end of the 'normal' scale.

I know I'm probably not eating enough of ANYTHING, but seriously?  I'm kinda scared to have a high number, so am doing everything I can to keep my calorific intake DOWN.

I just wish that the appointment last week at the Diabetes Centre/Weight Management Programme had been helpful THERE AND THEN.  *sigh*


I am going into Hamilton today as I have run out of batting and brown cotton thread.  Can't make another thing till I get more of them.

I'm excited to be making another Tree Table Runner, only this time incorporating some Kiwiana fabrics.  It's gunna look fab.

I'm also going to be making MYSELF an 'all green' Tree Table Runner.  It's going to be gorgeous to have.  Actually... looking around here, I might have to add some blue-ish trees to tie in with the decor?  Whatever, it's going to be lovely I'm sure.

Weird how I get all excited about making a new runner, when I've already made a few!  lol

So anyway, that's me for now.  Another freezing morning here... which means a lovely day once it warms up.


Again today, I lay in bed till nearly 9 am!  It's so damn cold out !
-1 C today!  And right now (11.15 am) it's still only about 4 degrees.  Brrrrr.

I've been into Hamilton, Spotlight is FREEZING inside!  I don't think that freakin' shop has any insulation.  The sales staff have fingerless gloves on, they are that cold INSIDE.  Poor buggers.

Anyway, I only went in for a couple of things, but as ya do... I got a bit more.

ABOVE:  I got 4 metres of the extra wide batting, and a fair few lengths of fabric, and threads.  ALL 40% OFF!  Didn't realise they were having a storewide Stocktake Sale did I?

SCORE!  Now I just need to sell 4 runners to pay for that lot!  lol

I'm taking a little break now, I'm too cold to do anything.  I'm even going to turn the heat pump on, cos it's bloody cold inside my house right now.  Once the sun comes around some more it will warm up in the family room and I'll be fine.

Actually, Stew got the portable gas heater set up for me, so I can turn that on in the sewing room!  Totally forgot about that.  Yaaaa.

LYNDA:  Our heat pump has been on today, in fact it still is.
It does not heat up my sewing room sadly, hence the gas heater.

I just finished another Tree Runner, it's gorgeous.  Sold already.
Stew has gone out to get us some KFC... I just felt like chicken that I didn't have to cook! I hope it's not too bad for the diet!  First time in weeks I've felt like something evil.  I caved in ... you can't be 100% on track forever can ya?

We are not having any potato and gravy or chips, so that's good.  Our resolve is still strong.

I'm looking forward to an utterly lazy evening.  My eyes are tired from sewing all day!

The day is done, I'm tired and off to bed. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Your runners look great! I would hang then on the wall to be seen and admired instead of putting them on a table ��

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Do you have a national diabetes association ? there is one here in Australia with a really good website and I think you can call them for advice as well. If not look at the Australian site for some advice.


  3. Gas heaters put so much moisture into the air! Why are you reluctant to put on your heat pump? I don't understand that - our is certainly not expensive to run and ours is ducted through the entire house. Maybe you could look at getting one like that? They are fantastic not only in the winter but the summer to cool the place down. Got to love a 40% off sale !!

  4. My heat pump is really economic and my dearest poiwer bill ever was$130. I use it a loot. Some weekends it goes all day but my bill has not been high.


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