Friday, January 19, 2018


I'm actually starting to feel sorry for you!

All I have lately is pictures of wall hangings and mug rugs/bunny's!

But, that's about all I am doing right now, so here's the one I traced out last night:

ABOVE:  This one was a right bitch to copy from the smaller pattern.  Maybe I shall take the next one into a copy center to upsize, it sure would be easier!

I've got my hopes up that my camera will be back in the shop for pick up today too.  I have asked them to return the camera, it's fixed.  The lens is not ready yet though, so I am going to buy a very cheap lens so I can at least use my camera again!

I am utterly OVER using my mobile phone's camera and Steve's little one, neither takes photos that I am happy with.  Oh I do so hope it's back today!

I will hang off going in until late morning, to see if Snapshot call me to say my Camera is back ... I'll do some housework and wait and see.


9.35 am:  Just had a quick visit from our son Russell.  He was in agony with gout in his left foot!  He had to lie back and put his leg in the air to get some relief, not that it helped much.

Does ANYONE know of a remedy/pain relief for gout?  Any ideas welcome!

It's a bit early to expect to hear from the camera shop, so back to housework...

Still no phone call... might have to ring them myself.  Grrrr.  

I meant to show you my toes!
Yep, me toes.  After my last walk, the one I took with Stew in the pouring rain... my big toes were hurting badly.  I think it had something to do with the fact my shoes got soaked and I was walking differently to compensate for the scrunched up inner soles ? ...

ABOVE:  So my right big toe nail is probably going to fall off eventually... it's bruised all down one side.  The left big toe isn't as bad, but it is still bruised too.  The bruising doesn't show up as bad as it actually is in the photo though.

It took ages for them to stop hurting.  I'm wondering if it was partly caused by the leather 'patches' under the upper part of my sneakers too?  Either way, I will be getting new sneakers soon .. of a different brand I think.  The 'new' sneakers just haven't worked out at all.

3.34 pm:  And I've had a very good trip into Hamilton.
I met up with Kelly and we had lunch together.  she kindly gave me her camera to use in case mine wasn't back yet.

 ABOVE:  Kelly also gave me the fabric above, seems she wasn't about to use it any time soon.  Thanks Kelly!
I got 4 patterns up-sized for the princely sum of ... get this!  $1.20 !  I was rather happy with that, and it took about 40 seconds.  Sure beats me spending an hour trying to get one drawn, by hand, myself.

ABOVE:  I went to Spotlight and got some fabrics for wall hangings, the grey for the donkely and the cream for the camel.  I even remembered to get grey thread too... cos I sure don't have any of that either.

Before I left Hamilton I rang Snapshot, just to make sure my camera hadn't come in today.  They said on Tuesday AND Wednesday they would text me if it was in.
Well it WAS IN, and they said they had tried to text me???  Whatever, I didn't get no text ... I went and picked it up, then bought a very cheap (but probably handy to have) lens and came home a happy girl.

OH I also got a dog whistle for Denim, but I don't think she can hear it.  So it might be me doing all the whistling after all.

I AM BEYOND UPSET RIGHT NOW.  My camera is not working properly AT ALL. It keeps turning itself off with an ERROR message.  I can't use the flash.  And the photos have a horrible bright blurr over most of them!  I have sent a message to Canon telling them I am sending it back!  

Will be going into Hamilton tomorrow to show Snapshot (this is NOT their fault).... and getting my camera sent back to Canon AGAIN.

I could cry.  Seriously let down and unhappy.

We had a silly bugger dinner tonight... sausages, spaghetti and eggs on toast.  Was nice cos I wasn't in the mood to do a 'proper' dinner.

Watching Coronation Street, then bedtime.


  1. Do you have a home printer? No need to go to a copy centre to print a larger print. Enlarge a picture in sections and join the pages up. I've done this when making things for the boys :)

    1. I tried that... my printer refused to print the entire thing, I kept just getting the bottom right hand side printed larger! So frustrating. No matter how many settings I tried ... no luck. Not worth the hot flush I got as a result either!

    2. No, I mean go onto a word document and put in the picture and crop it and enlarge it so that it fits on the page - then print that. Then uncrop and crop the other part of the picture etc. You'll end up with two or three pages you can then stick together.

    3. Yeah several steps too many when I can walk into the copy shop, hand them 3-4 patterns and in 1 minute they are all twice the size! And very cheap too. But thanks for the steps involved, if I ever do want to enlarge something!

  2. maria8:28 AM

    Don't make this camel, sorry but it just looks creepy

    1. Really? I think he's cute! I will be making him, perhaps you will change your mind once he's done. Gimme a few days.... *smiles*

    2. I think he is cute too :-).

  3. I know these will fly off your market stall..... we all love the one you made for Corbin all those years ago!!! Christy xxx

  4. Strong doses of anti-inflammatories for gout. It is excruciating. If he continues to get it then he can take a daily dose of allopurinol. They used to use a drug called colgout (cochicine) which is effective in attacks but can cause liver damage with long term use. Otherwise it's just a matter of time. Hubby gets it a lot so I know what the poor bugger is going through. Seeing a doctor and getting a blood test to confirm is always a good idea. Then he can get a script for good drugs!!

  5. I don't know a lot about gout (other than it can be very painful), but I do know a friend's mum has it and certain foods make it a lot worse for her so she avoids them, and there are some foods that seem to help. Maybe check out this link ....

    I hope that you get your camera back today - I know how much you've been missing it :)

  6. I get my shoes from Smiths Sports Shoes, they always take plenty of time to make sure I get the right shoes and the right fit, Gary & Sio have gotten theirs there as well and none of us have had any problems. We use the one in Albany in Auckland because it is an outlet shop so the shoes are heavily discounted.

  7. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Hi did Russell have his gout diagnosed by a Dr ?...just in case it is something else? so the treatment would be different, probably best to get Drs advice and script medication.

    I don't think you will lose your toenail as the blood is under the toenail and visible, I did something similar and my bruising and bleeding was in the nail bed and took about a year to lose and get a new is all very painful..I wore new shoes on my nursing shift and my toe was rubbing the whole 8 hours..


    I love your hangings,

    Cheers Peta

  8. I love the camel, he looks so comical on paper and think he will come out looking that way to. Love his camel toes. 💖

    1. *SNORT*... just read that then realised I'd put MY TOES on the blog today too.

  9. Anonymous1:55 PM

    My Dr blames alcohol for gout but it turns out mine is arthritis not gout
    I am not implying that Russell drinks, it’s what my Dr said after saying that I didn’t look like a drinker (I am not )

  10. Gout is a form of arthritis which is caused by a buildup of uric acid. Lots of different food can cause gout but it is different in all people. My mom used to get gout in her fingers and wrists. Her fingers would be like big fat sausages and very painful. It was cauliflower that was the cause for her!!! We have a friend that gets it in his elbow and toes and his trigger is shrimp. There are many foods that can cause it. Russell will probably have to use a process of elimination and get some good prescription drugs.

  11. Dad had gout too over Christmas, I remember Mum telling me he could not drink wine because that aggravated it but beer was okay :-). Sounds like different things trigger it in different people.

  12. Anonymous5:53 PM

    My president also correctly identified a camel. I kid you not! The third and final animal he identified was a rhino - just in case you want to make that one tomorrow! hahahahaha. My husband has been on Allopurinol, for Gout, for years. HE has had zero flare ups. When he asked the doc about getting off the medicine she said to keep taking it. People stop because they feel so good and then the Gout comes back and you have to try to get it under control again. So he just stays on it and has no problems.

  13. I think the camel is great can't wait to see it made up how is the walking going otherwise any? Walks this week .....

  14. Hope you get the camera up and working soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Bummer about the camera. And after it was away for SOOO LONG!

  16. Did you try googling remedies for Gout? You'd be surprised what's out there :)

  17. I have an article with herbal remedies for gout on my blog My husband had it in his hand when he was very stressed many years ago. I treated it and it's not returned. Hope Russell feels better soon.


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