Friday, January 05, 2018


Well... after tinkering on the computer for a while yesterday, I finally came up with this as a little tag for my mug rugs:

ABOVE:  I could probably tinker with it some more, but I'm not going to bother. They are just to add to the mug rugs if I sell any!

Stew is taking Griffin into Hamilton today to join some friends, they are going to the movies.  They will be watching the new Star Wars movie.  

I am going to stay home and sew again.  Those mug rugs won't get done on their own!

And I want them done so I can move on to something else.

ABOVE:  The weather/wind map late last night, showing the storm over New Zealand.

A storm hit various parts of the country overnight, I've not looked outside yet to see how it is out there.  We got a bit of rain before I went to bed... so who knows what it's like now?
Every time the weather forecast is for a storm, we never seem to get it!


And... it's just raining a little bit here, no major storm.  Boring.

I got up early to check and was like... derrr.

So, sitting here at 8.30 in me nightie, should really go and get dressed, make the bed and then do some sewing I suppose.

Looking out the window at the persistent rain... and I decide it's time to go for a walk!  Yep, and Stew (the darling), is coming with me too.
Yaaaaaaa.  Doing a happy dance.

EXCELLENT WALK!  Stew and I parked down by the Gaslight Theatre and walked to the bottom of the hill at the Velodrome.  I wasn't game to do the hilly bit as my shoes were giving me grief, and I still had to walk back.  It was GLORIOUSLY stormy, wet and wild.  LOVED IT. Utterly loved it.

My shoes inner soles bunched up when my shoes got wet, so very uncomfortable walking back, in the end I had to walk in me socks cos my arches got so sore.  I am taking them back to the shop to see what they suggest to stop that happening again.

But on a whole, so invigorating out there today.

 ABOVE:  My shoes...

ABOVE:  Orange plastic to keep the car seats dry, cos we got WET WET WET!  The cows sheltering under trees... pussy's!   I could see the Velodrome, but didn't go up the hill, next time I hope to.

ABOVE:   Look at the difference two days makes!  Left... sitting all day sewing, feet down.  Right, One day with feet up, then going for a walk!

ABOVE:  the storm has kinda hit here, we have some pretty gusty winds and rain.  And now we have lost most of our plums.  Bugger.

So, while Stew and Griffin are in Hamilton, Brylee and I went out to lunch.
I decided to go out to Lake Karapiro to the Podium Cafe.  I'd not been there before, but had heard it was very good.

ABOVE:  It was worth the drive!
Brylee and I shared a Chicken Croissant and fries.  We couldn't eat all the fries, so gave them to a couple seated near us, they were thrilled.  They are the  most delicious fries (to date) that I have tried here.  I was too full to eat the muffin, so that's reserved for supper tonight.  *smiles*

On our drive out we had to be diverted down side roads twice due to fallen over trees.  Both were not far from our home in fact.

ABOVE:  This row of trees lining Athletic Park has lost part of a tree... last year it lost a huge tree just two spaces up.  I reckon that tree there will have to be chopped down now too.  It's probably unstable without that huge bough.
Shame really, but necessary.  Seems like every time there's a storm trees fall down around here!

There was another one across the road down by the church on the corner too.  By the time we got back from lunch both had been cleared off the road.  The tree clean up guys are being kept busy today for sure.

So ... I'm a bit sore after today's walk!  Serve me right for not doing any exercise for a few weeks!
Better not let it lapse again.

Watching Coronation Street now... so that's it for today!


  1. We have the storm! Omg.... mostly just the windvbut boy!!!

  2. We got it yesterday arvo, and still today but not as hearty

  3. Yep, we have the storm, all day yesterday & overnight, still windy & rainy today.

  4. Mug rug tag looks lovely :) The storm here at Coromandel was horrendous and my daughter spent the night in a tent in Taupo. She said the tent held up but there was little to no sleep.

  5. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Beaut much needed rain in chch over night and today apparently some flooding in the usual spots but I'm sure our lawn looks like its smiling with the moisture.

  6. Just got the storm down here as I walked out the door to go to hosp appt. Lucky I had coat and jandals on but they're wet through so I'm looking like a drowned rat!

  7. What is the dip with the chips? The lunch looked yummy.

  8. Happy to know you all have weathered the storm. Many places are damaged and lots of flooding, hope it clears soon for you all.
    Love the mugrugs and the nice look of the lunch you took Brylee to. Well done both of you.

    Love seeing your home garden things that Stew and you and the teens do,, you all have a creative touch and thats a gr8 thing,,, to share with Brylee and Griffen and all..

    Nice you have catchups with all the Whanau one way or another lots of stat hols so everyone can keep in touch

    Love the idea of you 2 doing a stormy walk Theres something about a summer walk in the rain ..

    Pretty town you live in,,,, Ages since we all came through,, but always on the "To do" list lol.

    Happy your other bloggers are going good as well...

  9. We have had torrential rain wind etc and yes I worked in it all day... Wasn't cold though....

  10. I've noticed my feet swelling up when I sew all day too. Sucks.


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