Saturday, January 27, 2018


Today's weather forecast is for more of the same... so we can expect 30+ temperatures.  Add to that 98% humidity after the rain last night and I am going to crawl under a rock and die!

Seriously, it's going to be diabolical.  I HATE the Waikato's humidity.  

So, I doubt I will be getting up to much today... moving means getting drenched in sweat and feeling like shit.  I really don't know how people live in this sort of heat all the time!

So I've been taking photos, lots of photos... cos I want to learn new ways of taking interesting photos.

 ABOVE:  taken through wet glass.  I have to work on this one.  It's not quite right yet.

 ABOVE:  Definitely not right!  Little shit.  But ya have to love him!

 ABOVE:  Fairly lights... I like this one.

 ABOVE: So this is just me showing my pretty lounge wall... I rearranged a few things.   I might add more at some point.

 ABOVE: I didn't take these Christmas lights down cos I love them there!

ABOVE:  So these are the two photography classes I'm going to in February.  One is to learn how to use more of the camera's setting, and get off AUTO.  I certainly need this class!

The other is a more informal meeting at the Hamilton Zoo... listening to a professional photographer giving us tips.  It's an all day event, Canon NZ will be there offering us the use of different equipment/camera's and lenses.  

No doubt with a view to selling some.  I just hope by then, (end of February), they have fixed my camera and lens and I have them back!

So, that's me for now.  I will probably try and get some sewing done at some point, there is that other Dresden Plate block waiting to become a cushion.  *smiles*


12.30 pm:  As it was a tiny bit cooler this morning, Stew and I decided to do the grocery shopping.  We didn't need too much so it wasn't too much of a mission.

By the time we got home it was midday and stifling hot again.  Time to pull the curtains closed to try and keep some of the heat out of the family room.

About to make some lunch, then sewing this afternoon.

OH MY GOSH!  It's blisteringly hot outside!!!
So, we've stayed inside and still melted.

I've finished the 2nd cushion:

ABOVE:  I'm probably not going to make any more for now... let's see how they go first.  These two will be $50 each ... which I think is a fair price.  But that might to too much for a market?

ABOVE: Stew did a little job for me by cutting up the wall hanging poles and painting them white.  I think they look smashing white!  So much prettier.

I hadn't quilted the white backgrounds on the wall hangings, and it was bugging me... they just didn't look 'finished'... so I did that this afternoon too.  Quilted all 5, now I'm happy with them.

34 degrees C and rising... air con is on, windows, doors and curtains all closed.  MELTING.
Feel soooo sorry for the dogs.  Another 4 days till they get groomed.  I'm going to ask that they get a number 1!

So much better now... we've been out on the back lawn with the dogs... who had a lovely run around.  Now it's chill out time in the coolness of our family room.  The rest of the house does not exist!  It's in DEATH VALLEY!


  1. Good on you for doing classes. Photography is certainly one of your passions and you already are very talented. Love your photos. Not looking forward to the weekends weather. Might be a quiet weekend by the heat pump on cold.

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I love how you keep so busy Chris. You sound like a lot of fun.


  3. Anonymous7:14 PM


    Great pics Griffin looks very handsome, I love the giraffe I would buy that if I lived closer my friends daughter had a little baby early only weighed 1.1 kilos at birth she has put on about another kilo, so is getting bigger !!


  4. Anonymous8:50 PM

    We are staying home for the vacation weekend.

  5. Was super hot here too from a nurse friend get large bucket add ice a little water out one foot in it will lower body temperature....


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