Sunday, January 21, 2018


The new camera lens is taking some working out!
It has a very shallow depth of field, which means it focus's on what you point it at, and you only get a clear shot of that.

So, if that 'something' is close to you, you get something like this:

ABOVE:  Yesterday's pizza... only the front piece is in focus, everything else is blurred.  This was taken close up.

ABOVE:  Last night's sewing, this time the camera focused on the red fabric, so the pattern behind is blurred.

ABOVE:  In this shot I focused on Coco, who was a bit further away, so the photo is all in focus. 

There is no zoom... which is taking a lot of getting used to!  So, I am fairly limited in my photography for now.  It will be fine though, at least I have a decent camera to use again.  So thankful.

Last night, at around 11.30 pm I decided it was cool enough to go into the sewing room.  I thought I would start the Donkey wall hanging.  I traced out the pattern onto Steam a Seam, but then decided it was just too late to do any more.  The heat is so draining!  I was knackered, so buggered off to bed.

I will get back to it today.  

We are expecting Martyn and Jacqui sometime today, they are coming over to do some shopping.  So that will be lovely.

And on that note, I'm outta here, got some housework to get done, then sewing.


KAREN FROM SYDNEY:  Thank you for your 'HOW TO PARENT' comment yesterday.  I won't be publishing it.

YES... I have moaned about Griffin being a lazy teenager on many occasions, but having raised 7 others, 6 who are now fully functioning adults, I don't think I need a lecture on how to parent effectively. 

I am positive 90% of normal teenagers act exactly the same way!  If I want Griffin to do something for me, he does eventually do it.  

It is the school holidays here right now, there really is no point getting said teenager out of bed early if there is no reason to.

Plenty of time for him to grow up and become an adult, they are kids for such a short time.  I don't think we are harming him by letting him sleep in during the holidays!

Yep... clearly I need to stop moaning about it/him!  *smiles*

PENNY:  Being the sort of parent who does not make idle promises/threats, there's been a few kids have a freezing cold glass of water tipped over their heads while still in bed over the years!
I think the last kid who had that done to them was Brylee... pretty sure that was the last time she refused to get out of bed when asked!

Best thing, when you actually follow through and are a CONSISTENT parent, your kids learn to believe what you say, and soon learn to tow the line.  

While this may sound harsh and cruel, you only ever have to do it once... I'm not a namby pamby sorta parent.  Never have been, never will be.

The table in the garage was bugging me.  It had paint splotches all over it (my bad)... so in between doing housework for most of the day, I painted it.

ABOVE:  I couldn't get far enough back to get a full photo of it... but ya get the gist.  It's looking lovely now!  Better remember to cover it next time I do any painting though.

Time to take a break, I've been on the go all day.  So has Stew.  He did the gardening and mowed the lawns.  Griffin hung out two loads of washing and vacumed the house. So a busy Sunday.

Well for the rest of the day we had Martyn, Jacqui and their two children visiting.  I did roast chickens, lettuce salad and garlic bread for dinner, followed by Pavlova, cream and fresh fruit provided by M & J.  Dinner was lovely!

After they left I had a young neighbour pop in who's a FBG girl.  She was borrowing one of my FBG t-shirts for tomorrow.  Tell you about that tomorrow.

For now... it's (SHIT!) ... 1.34 in the morning I should be in bed.


  1. I have a lens very similar to the one you are using....its absolutely great for closeups, I use mine mainly for my orchids and wildflowers on my block. Hope you get your camera back soon.

  2. I certainly remember when we had teenagers they would happily sleep till noon....they are now both parents of toddlers and are happily awake before dawn...turnabout is fair play! And I think there's a reason why teenagers sleep more, their bodies and brains simply need it.

  3. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Griffey is a great guy. You comment about his time he rises about the same amount as u do all the great things he does oh I wonder if it's cause you are proud of you latest teenagers. Brylee and griffen are awesome young adults. You guys have done are doing an excellent job. Never once have u said they r out making chaos on the streets smashing windows, robbing petrol stations or dairies, stabbing people drunk and disorderly. Nope that's parents of kids who don't care that get into that sort of strife.

    1. Hehe sorry shouldn't really say anything because some troll will have a go buy f*ck it lol, no Brylee and Griffin are well adjusted teens because they have seen what and where 'that' kind of life style gets you and well it's not as glamorous as it might seem, I guess I can say iv taught them something at least, well I hope 😊

    2. I disagree Lacy. They are lovely young kids because of how your Dad and I have raised them, full stop end of story. Sure they have seen how you live your life and no doubt have learnt a few lessons, but please don't try and take the credit for how they have turned out. Sorry if this comment upset you... but it is what it is. Let's leave it at that now. Obviously any nasty comments on this subject WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED.

    3. Huh lol how do you see that as me trying to take any credit for them, gesh woman open ya ayes a bit, read outside the box lol

    4. It is easy to read into the written word a different way to how it was intended.

  4. My kids all sleep in and stay up late. I would too if I could!

  5. Same here, teaching myself now at 40 to go to bed early because I have a toddler... I've never had trouble getting u when I had to for work though, as a teenager or am adult. Hated it sometimes but that is life! If Chris needs Griffin out of bed, I'm sure she knows how to make it happen!!

    1. I didn't know your method but I knew you would have one and I knew it would be consistently applied :-)

  6. Haha, if kids being in bed all day means bad parenting then I am the worst! Sio rarely gets up before lunch & in fact today it was mid afternoon. The boys basically slept in the couch until about an hour ago.

  7. Anonymous6:46 PM

    My son got out of bed at 4 pm, I wonder what Karen of Sydney could advise me. I’m sure the fact that he probably finished work at 3 am would have no bearing on it.

  8. It is ever so hot here too hot sticky humid nights means no sleeping. Let's guess Griffin is very tall young growing too sleep that's exactly what a teenager does. Throw in hot humid nights wish i could sleep till lunch because at the moment theres NO NIGHT SLEEPING happening.

  9. What's the f stop range on the lens?

  10. Glad you have a decent camera again. I think you and your DH are amazing parents, particularly with teenagers. I only raised three.

  11. If I recall correctly, the nifty 50 needs to be abut 40cm away from what you are shooting. It definitely isn't suitable for macro ☺

  12. If you use the aperture priority mode of your camera (Av) you will be able to set the aperture to F22 or even F11 which will give you a long depth of more out of focus in the wrong part shots. :)


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