Saturday, January 06, 2018


OMG... I'm stiff and sore all over!
Especially my hips.  Grrrr, I won't let such a long time go between walks again.

Our walk yesterday was 5.76 kms long.  The longest walk I've done in weeks!
AND there were some leans and dips in there too... lol.  For those who are not Fat Bottomed Girls...

LEANS = hills going up
DIPS = hills going down

I just came up with 'dips'.  Dips do my knees in.  Leans just kill me all over!  lol

I can't wait to do that walk again, and actually do the BIG LEAN at the half way mark, going up to the Velodrome!

All our plums got blown off the trees yesterday, so I'm going to be making Plum Chutney or Pickle tomorrow.
I would do it today, only we are going over to Tauranga today.

Martyn and Jacqui have bought some new furniture, so we are going over to have a nosey at it!  lol
Martyn is always coming over here and 'advising' me where to put my outdoor stuff, and pictures on me walls, so I am going to return the favor!  *laughing*

OK... not ALWAYS... but a few times.

We are not leaving till late morning at least, so we have time to give the dogs a good play outside before locking them up inside.

They are the reason we are not going 'away' at all over summer.  Can't leave them for too long, and the pups are too young for a boarding kennel.  In fact, I doubt I will ever leave them in a kennel.  Did that once and had two dogs come home sick,  and coats matted.  Never again.

Right, I'm off to get sorted for the day... dogs outside for a while, then playtime with us inside.


Traffic over to Tauranga was HEAVY.

Traffic and people at The Mount was CRAZY.

Got to Martyn and Jacqui's and love their new lounge furniture.

Got dragged out shopping to buy nick nacks for the new coffee table. What fun. Between us we got this lot:

What fun !  Lovely coffee table pretties.

Just watching it pour down before dinner... 

ABOVE: Stew and Jacqui scoffing into chips 'n' dip. I've got some nuts.

ABOVE:  A better photo of the coffee table bling!

We are safely home now, the dogs are very happy to see us and get their dinners.
Time to wind down for the day, we've had a really lovely day visiting with our dear friends.


  1. But he’s your BF!! Can’t wait to see you guys.

  2. Leans & dips - so much more polite than “oh shit a f#^*ing Hill!!”

  3. Enjoy your day and say Hi to Jacqui for me!

  4. Hopefully you will get to walk more and those leans and dips will be mere illusions traffic in Taupo was abysmal......


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