Wednesday, January 03, 2018


Stage One of the production line:

ABOVE:  I've got all the components of the tops of the next lot of mug rugs sorted out.  This time I am doing the applique before I add the backing!

There's at least 50 - 60 mugs rugs ready for stitching there... so I reckon that's what I will be doing for the next week or so!  edit:  got that wrong! There's 127 of them!

It's not a simple two minute job, there's a few steps involved.  If I was only making one, I could get it done in about an hour, but I'm not obviously.

I'm already looking forward to getting this lot done so I can move on to the next ones, something different next time.  Got to keep it interesting!

ABOVE:  I made a bit of a mess!  Yes, I do have a bin, but I was cutting out here ... and there... and at the sewing machine... so I just dropped it on the floor.
Brylee, bless her heart, is going to pick it all up for me...  When I ask her.   *smiles*

So that will be my day, SEWING... unless Stew has an idea for us?  But knowing him, he will be perfectly happy watching sport on the TV while I sew.


 ABOVE:  My new 'normal'.  I am really enjoying the sparkling water with a half strength addition of Lemon Flavouring.  In fact, yesterday I drank almost 2 litres of WATER, and only one 750 ml bottle of Diet Coke!

ABOVE:  9.40 am:  Making a start...

ABOVE:  Huge downside of sewing for hours?  I got no bones in me feet!  All swollen and feeling tight and horrid.   I will have to take a break soon and lie on the floor with my feet up on the couch.  *grrrrr*
Add to that at least 5 mosquito bites on just that foot!  They are rampant this summer.

Stopped for dinner... which was sausages, potato gems, caulifower, peas and gravy.  YUM!

I might do some more sewing later, it will depend on how I feel, right now I'm knackered.

ABOVE:  I got FIFTY TWO mug rug's applique and quilting done today!   And I have only got ... SEVENTY FIVE left to do... well that's the one's I've made a start on.
I might just finish that lot (all 127) and then have a go at a table runner or two.  *smiles*

HEY YOU and YOU:  Don't try dragging me into your friggin 'Sit Com', I am not getting involved ever again.  Keep away from each other ... problem SOLVED.  If you (J) try ringing me again, I will block your number.  You have been warned.

Winding down for the day.  Watching Saving Private Ryan... TOM HANKS.... *drool*.  lol


  1. My floor is a disaster lol

  2. Why not try placemats too. Well separately and in sets. I'm sure they'd be popular.

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Happy Birthday to Amanda yesterday...beautiful looking girl



  4. Well done on the water, and only 750ml of Diet Coke. Keep up the good work. I aim for 1.5l of water a day (more if I walk or gym), one 333ml can Diet Coke & then undo it all with too much wine haha

  5. Well done with your continuing water intake. Happy sewing.

  6. Anonymous1:35 PM

    You water intake is getting better. Your doing such an awesome job with your health.

  7. Wow amazing on the water intake gosh that is an impressive production line of sewing....

  8. Well done on your switch to water! I know what a huge change that is for you. You should try Scentsy's Coconut & lemongrass wax in your warmer - it deters mozzies and flies - is amazing! :)

  9. Love the mug rugs. You do wonderful quilting work. Love the mozzie bites. We are -30 here which is normal for this time of year. Thank you.

  10. Hey wow! Everything but your poor swollen foot looks so happy. I am glad you are drinking a bit of water - believe it or not that should help you not retain so much water. So I've heard anyway.


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