Thursday, January 25, 2018


Yesterday I bought some flower plants, all perennials I think.  I don't like buying annuals cos well... they die eh?

 ABOVE:  This is the box garden on the sunny side of the house... it has lovely soil in it.  I don't see the point in growing lettuces now.  When they are in season (like now) they are so cheap in the shops, what's the point of growing them?  I lost about 4 because we didn't get around to eating them before they went to seed.  Such a waste. 

So... flowers!

 ABOVE:  I went to Oderings (Cambridge branch) yesterday.  I was the only customer during the 35 minutes I was there.
I hope it doesn't close, it's only been open about 8 months.  It's a lovely garden center.

ABOVE:  They have this gorgeous gift area inside the shop... I just stand there and drool.  Seriously.  There's heaps more to see, but I didn't want to take too many photos in there, they might have wondered what the hell I was doing!

So... I planted my new flowers last night when it was cooler.  By the time I finished it was dark, so no photo till later ... when I'm up, dressed and presentable.   Don't think the neighbours want to see me in my nightie AGAIN!  lol


Thought my dinner plans were ruined this morning when we got a power cut at around 8 am!

I got out a large pork roast last night, intending to slow cook it in a new sauce I'd heard about.

LUCKILY the power came back on quicker than thought (it was a massive outage, expected to last for hours)... so I got me dinner in the slow cooker after all.

ABOVE: This is the sauce.  Bex has tried it and swears it's AMAZING.  I find the words 'As long as Charlie's dead he may as well be delicious' kinda funny.

I took the skin off the roast and will cook that in the oven so we have crackling too.

 ABOVE:  The new flower garden.  I will add more to it over time. I haven't pulled the mint plant out as we use mint.  I'm going to grow some parsley and chives, but not in this garden anymore.  

I'm home alone, weird feeling!  Griffin is at school sorting out his courses for the year, then he's off to meet up with friends.
So... Might just get into the sewing room soon.  Just have to hang out some washing first.

SPARKLING:  Sorry!  I suppose I have been quiet today, didn't really realise I'd not updated much today.

I been a bit lazy really.   Did the housework.  Did a little sewing.  Played with the puppies on the back lawn and in the paddle pool (such fun) and yeah, just chilled out at home on me own!

Had a long yak with me Mum which was lovely.  She's not so hot today, unlike here which was awful.  You can't MOVE without breaking out in a sweat.  It's so draining.

The pulled pork dinner was very nice, but not AMAZING.  We had it with veges.  Too hot to make the crackling... will do that tomorrow I think.

Signing off for the day... hot and bothered.
Hope I get a decent sleep tonight... my fan is certainly earning it's keep!


  1. Your garden is so.pretty Chris. Did your hydrangeas survive another move. I see so many pretty ones and wish I knew hot to take cuttings and when. Enjoy your quiet time. Gotta get used to it now lol.

  2. Looks great :)

  3. Neat wee transformation Love the this to this pics.
    Love the purples n mauves etc in garden to say they are my fave colours would be true lol Love Hydrangeas as well they have made a big comeback but they are a bit tetchy when it comes to growing Hope yours survived the move??

    Wont be long and Brylee will be home and the lil guys all back at school ..
    Enjoy your sewing or just have some "You time" ...

    It is funny when the house is quiet yeah? a little bit of quiet time is good ,,but not too much, I am thinking.

    Enjoy the slow cooked dinner only way to go in this heat!! Love the sauce packaging as well.. Who thinks them up I wonder? Most are so catchy sayings

  4. Mmm... that sauce looks interesting - might try it when the weather is cooler. It's 32 degrees here (Coromandel) and I'm dripping with sweat. I bet you are hot!!!!

  5. Good lord. I read you before I went to work and it's now late and you haven't blogged all day. Are you OK?

    1. Anonymous12:30 AM

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that wondered if things were okay.

  6. Your garden looks lovely. I should a develop an interest in gardening.

  7. Yes hot hot everywhere i worked in it RUNNING even. Had a spa after ark 10 pm blardy awesome.


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