Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Well I finished the donkey wall hanging last night, and not too late either!  I got to bed well before midnight for a change.

ABOVE:  I love him!  He's so colorful and cute.

I would like to make a start on the camel next, but I'm almost out of Steam a Seam.  Spotlight don't sell it.  Donna's quilt studio is closed down.  The next option is Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.  *sigh*

They charge more than anywhere else I bet.
The options for getting sewing supplies is dwindling rapidly. 

I might have to go out there though cos I really do need more Steam a Seam.

Really missing Brylee now.  She's been away at Steve and Bex's for 10 days now.  That's the longest she's ever been away from us.  I'm looking forward to the weekend when we are going up to get her.  *smiles*  I wonder if she's missed us?  Probably not.

I forgot to mention yesterday... I got an email from the Canon NZ Helpdesk, saying they had received my email and would be looking into my problem.  They assured me that my camera WAS tested before it was sent back... to which I replied (in a very polite way)... BULLSHIT! 
So... let's see how long it takes for them to actually fix my camera AND my lens!

OK... I'm off now.  Will be heading over to Gordonton I suppose.  


10.09 am:  it's been one of those mornings where I just fluff around the house, tidying this, straightening that, happily pottering!
I don't have to go out now either.

My lovely neighbour 'A' is going to Grandmother's Garden and offered to get me some Steam A Seam while she's there.
So I just have to go down the road and get her some cash.

So... I'll go do that now, then I can get on with my next sewing project.

I went down to our local Countdown... cos Cranky edit!   sorry I meant Lynise!... said yesterday that they might stock threads.  And...

ABOVE:  They do!  So now I know if I am ever lacking a thread I can at least find something here in Cambridge.  It's not thread I would use on a quilt, but certainly OK for small projects.

It's lunchtime now, so I'm having some food, then I will get into the sewing room. 

Been outside with the gurls (dogs)...

 ABOVE:  Denim the mad dog having a bad hair day.

 ABOVE:  Spot the tongue...

 ABOVE:  mid leap off Griffin... Marley.

 ABOVE:  It's called 'The Flop'... seriously need a haircut!

 ABOVE:  Marley.

 ABOVE:  Look!  NO AIR... under Coco.  lol

 ABOVE:  Another mid air... this time Denim.

 ABOVE:  OMG done.  So hot... Marley.

 ABOVE: Double done.

 ABOVE:  Beautiful Coco. 

ABOVE:  SO HOT... lots of tongue!  

I'm expecting Sharon from Taupo soon... she's on her way up to Auckland.  Better go put a tiny bit of face on!

Well Sharon arrived and we had a lovey catch up.  After she left I got dinner sorted out.

We had chicken nibbles roasted in the oven, Broccoli salad, coleslaw, beetroot and feta salad and garlic bread.

After dinner I had plans to do some sewing.  I fell asleep in my chair instead!
Then I woke and watched some mindless TV... cos clearly I was tired.

Off to bed shortly, just want to tidy up my sewing room a bit, it's a tip!


  1. I love the colorful patches and border on the donkey.

  2. Ahh puppy dogs 😍😍loving crazy deniems hair do haha. Just filled the wee pool for the kids now there having a water fight and cooled down.

  3. The donkey is very cute. Same here in town when you want cotton- $2 shop or drive to Pukekohe. What great luck that the neighbour was off to Grandmothers Garden. Photos of the puppies and Coco are so cute, even with the bad hair!!!

  4. Lovely donkey. So lovely to catch up it is hotter up here I kid you not!!!!!

  5. Is there another cranky in your life? :D I don't know what countdown is! Apart from an Australian TV show from the 70s/80s

    1. Yeah sorry Cranky... got the name wrong. It was Lynise who told me about Countdown, which is a supermarket here!

  6. What a fabulous set of pics Chris you have a gr8 eye for detail Love the blog and you guys day to day happenings

    Time poor atm but love to catch up at night to all the pics etc and the craft stuff .. Awesome..

  7. Owww I LOVE the donkey, colourful and bright and will look great on some little ones wall.

  8. Another lovely project. The pups look adorable.

  9. I missed what camera you are using now because it sure looks nice! great pictures of the dogs


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