Tuesday, January 02, 2018


So, my eldest child is 39 today... 

ABOVE:  I hope you have a fabulous day Amanda.  Love from Mum and Dad.

I've just realised that I turn friggin 60 this year!  OMG.  Maybe I can pretend it's not gunna happen?

Last night I finished the first 'batch' of mug rugs...

 ABOVE:  They are all fairly simple in design.. I just wanted to get a few done and dusted.  Now I might take a bit of time making some more detailed ones.

Though, I don't want to be making really intricate ones, as they will take too long individually, and won't sell for much more than the easier ones at the end of the day.

IF they even sell!

I might end up giving mug rugs as Christmas gifts for the next 10 years yet!  lol

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook the other night and it really cracked me up.
I had to laugh at how our country (NEW ZEALAND) is depicted.  A country of sheep!

I can assure you, there's certainly MORE than just sheep over here.

Australia.. yep. It's stinkin' hot over there, both my Mother and Sister live there and find it unbearably hot over summer.
I wonder if it was an Australian who drew that?  Cos 'AUSRTALIA'  sure isn't spelt like that!  *laughing*

Right, I'm outta here, we have plans today.  We are going out and about.


12.06 pm:   I dreamed about those bloody mug rugs all night, and wasn't happy with them at all.
They are just too plain, so I came up with this :

ABOVE:  I added 'bits' to them!  NOW I'm perfecty happy with them.

What do you think???

I'm not 100% happy with the flower one (top right), so will work on that one a bit more.

We are heading out soon...our plans to go to Tauranga fell through, so we are going to the movies instead.

ABOVE: So this is the movie we watched.  It was excellent, even our teenagers loved it.  Lots of slightly naughty humor, a bit of action and some lovely music.  

Horribly expensive to go to the movies though!
Well over a hundred dollars.  Half that was the ticket price and half was food and drink!  Seriously, I think we will take our own food next time, even if we have to smuggle it in.

I've been sewing since, and cooking dinner, which was macaroni cheese with bacon.  Very tasty.

Now, I shall be sewing some more before going to bed.


  1. My oldest "child's" birthday is the 2nd also. I almost panicked that I had not called him yet, then realized it is not until tomorrow here. He is 54.

  2. I don't think the Australia map was done by an Australan either I live near the bottom d(ie) and was once told by a an Aucklander that our climate is similar. Our Christmas Day is usually about 20 so it's highly unlikely to see people having lunch on the beach.

  3. The photo of Amanda is really cute! Why so many sheep in New Zealand? Don't they get hot there? I like the mug rugs (except for the one next to the flower that you don't like). The pic of Brylee in the tree yesterday was darling also! And what is the place in the "I don't care" circle.?

    1. 'I dont care' is Tasmania a state in Australia

    2. As in "Tasmanian Devil"? Interesting!

  4. Love the mug rugs with the applique on them. Don't worry about being 60. Is no different lol.

  5. The flower you don't like, does not look like a flower because it does not have "lines" in it defining the middle of the flower and the petals. It's only an outline, I think adding the middle of the flower will do the trick. The seashell, flipflops, and coffee mug all have interior lines defining the objects, and they work better.

  6. The Australia map made me laugh. Have just returned from Queensland and sweat I did -it was hot and humid for sure! Love the mug rugs with the applique - really does make the. I can see what you mean with the flower and like Dogstars comment that maybe it needs some stitching in the middle.

  7. We went to the movies onBoxing Day, ridiculously expensive but we bought online & got a family pass which charged the kids as well- kids. Luckily no one asked for I’d to prove their age. They both got a large frozen coke or something which turned out to be $9.80!!! Fu*<€ing insane! Countered the bloody discount on the tickets so next time we are either taking our own food or - shock horror - not eat or drink for two hours 😂

  8. We are lucky as there is a cinema close to us that is $10 tickets, plus they let you take your own food and drinks in. Although the kids always insist on the popcorn at the cinema, but at least we can take in chocolate, lollies and drinks. Most of the cinemas are not that forgiving, but I always smuggle it in anyway - it's not like they've ever asked to check my bag!

  9. Oh the 'colourful lightning' ones look really neat.
    How's Cambridge going, how is the Summer weather 😁 getting your summer glow on Ma, I'm in shorts and t'z most days or shirt and singlets :)
    Love from Me xx

  10. I love the heart mug rugs! I think the others would look cute with something on the plain strip, instead of over the pattern as some of them are interesting and fun.... like the NZ one! Your machine does writing doesn't it? Maybe you could embroider "Coffee" or something on the plain strip?

  11. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I feel your pain about your upcoming birthday this year (#60). I turned 6.0. ... oh my it still shocks me to say that....this past October 2017 and I truly still can't believe I am ... 60. OMG. So I get ya. And I love those maps!!!
    GADawn57 aka Dawn P. in Albany, Georgia USA

  12. AWOL last few days dropped phone in puddle!!! Have a work phone but after phone in rice and in hot water cupboard I think I have salvaged it.... Love the heart mug rugs


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