Friday, January 12, 2018


Soooooo..... today I am sewing again.  Back to making mug rugs.   I have just over 4 weeks until the February Trash 'n' Treasure Market here in Cambridge.

So I better pull finger, I want to get as much made as possible before then.

ABOVE:  After taking a little 'break' from the mug rugs, I planned on making ONE bunny.
Yeah, as per usual, I got carried away.  But, they are just so bloody cute.  Fingers crossed I can sell a few, it would be nice to make a few bucks from my sewing again.

I actually think one is already sold! A Fat Bottomed Girl (friend) has expressed an interest in getting one for her Granddaughter.  I am selling them for $25 if anyone is interested.  Does that seem an appropriate price?  I'm not sure.  

(They take about 2.5 hours to make, and the materials come to about $10.)  Opinions please.

The kids have a single job each today, so I'm not being too mean to them!

Our son Steve got home from work last night and decided (after my gardening effort at his home), to do some gardening himself.
Only his involved a saw:

ABOVE: This WAS an old crab apple tree.  It was 3/4's dead, so he pulled off and sawed off the dead branches, then... 

ABOVE:  He pushed on the only branch still seemingly growing, and it snapped off!  It was dead in the middle too... so the tree was doomed anyway.

It's going to give them more room for the kids to play!  He really ENJOYED himself by the sound of it!  In their previous rental there was NO YARD, or lawn, or trees to maintain at all.  So maybe it's a novelty right now ... *smiles*.

Did I tell you?  They are coming down this weekend to pick up Brylee.  She's going to spend a week up there with them... it will be lovely for her and Bex.  They get on really well, and Brylee enjoys being with the little kids too.

It's sad that our two teenagers have no other grandparents to visit/spend time with.  We are 'it' for them, and we are their parents instead of their grandparents.  So, it's neat that they can go and stay with Steve and Bex from time to time, now that they have the room.

I'm off to get the washing on, tidy up a bit, then sew ... sew ... sew. 


10.20 am:  Just had a lovely visit from my nephew from Palmerston North and his partner.  They are on their way up to Paihia for a week's holiday.  They are also celebrating his 40th birthday (tomorrow), with his sister and her husband, who are coming over from Australia.  I hope they have a wonderful time up there.

I dragged the kids out of bed to say 'Hi'... two puffy faced teenagers! lol

They can now do their one job before doing their own thing while I sew.

Well I got some sewing done, then faded after lunch, so had a small nap.  Why when you finally try to have a sleep ya phone goes?  

It's dreadfully hot and sticky this afternoon, we have huge thunderous clouds overhead.  Just had  claps of thunder. ... so expecting rain soon, which will be a welcome relief.

I've just caved in and turned the air con on... I've got a massive headache.

Got Spaghetti Bolognese cooking for dinner...

Dinner was lovely, I do Spag Bol rather well!
Spent the evening sewing, and it's now 1 am and I am reluctantly stopping for the night.


  1. $25 is a good price for the bunnies and I'm sure they will sell. They're so cute.

  2. How lovely to get a visit from your nephew. Love the bunnies and think $25 is a good price. Hope they sell.

  3. That’s cheap as chips. Something so colourful would be close to double that in a store.

  4. PS: might be a good idea for Steve to let his landlord know he had to chop the dead tree ( if he hadn’t already). Last winter we had a storm that caused a tree at the business premises I lease to completely uproot itself. I had no choice but to get an arborist to come and take it away. Then at the end of the year I was selling the business and the owner went nuts at me about her tree, claiming I had removed it without permission. She wanted it replaced with a tree of an equal size which at approx 4 metres tall, would have cost around $800. Thankfully I had taken photos of it uprooted and blocking the drive, so under the terms of the lease it had been damaged by an ‘ act of God’ which I wasn’t responsible for.

  5. Anonymous2:08 PM

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  6. Glad you are getting more sewing done,any walks? How the legs coping? Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Yes, make sure Steve tells the landlord. Now, I have no idea why you had to "cave in" to turn on the aircon? I have mine on nearly all day. I simply can't cope and it doesn't add much to the power bill. Ours is fully ducted through our house and I set it to turn off 2 hours after we go to bed. I can't cope with the heat otherwise.

  8. Looks like quite a collection of bunnies you got going. Have a great weekend.

  9. About the bunnies....... I REALLY shouldn't have to tell you this... But.... MAKE MORE BLUE! You LOVE blue, I LOVE blue, Everyone LOVES blue! haha. I have learned this from our little worry stones. EVERYONE wants BLUE. But, you have to have a large assortment of colors so they can pick out the BLUE ones. People are so weird. Anyhow, I am sort of joking, and sort of saying you really can't overdo it with blue in all shades and colors. We did a show, people were wondering why we had so much yellow. (Hubbies fault, he STILL uses too much yellow after 15 years). I still have to tell him to use more BLUE. Noone has ever said, "send less blue" but we often hear "send less yellow and orange". Personally, I love all the bunnies, but from a selling standpoint.... Have you found that to be the case in your art selling past?

  10. It's been foggy here all month. I'm thinking about just driving somewhere to find the sun so I can soak some up.


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