Monday, January 22, 2018


I stayed up rather late last night cos ... well, I started that little donkey didn't I?

ABOVE:  I got carried away and got most of the applique done... just have the hooves to go.  I would have done them last night only I don't have any brown thread!  Drat.

Isn't he gorgeous!

Now... photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Isn't Jacqui stunning!

 ABOVE:  Young Joel... I had to threaten to sit on his face to make him smile!  He smiled HEAPS after that threat I can tell you!  *snort*
Like I would!

 ABOVE: My pretty bowl of shells... taken just cos they are pretty... and I have a proper camera again!  Loving the camera.

 ABOVE:  My darling man.  He got a bit sunburnt outside yesterday while gardening.

 ABOVE:  Yummy dessert from last night.

ABOVE:  Miss Sofia Grace... who didn't want her photo taken... but I still managed to get plenty of her!  Very photogenic family are the C's.

Funny... I didn't get a photo of Martyn yesterday, or Griffin.  Oh well, next time.

Now I mentioned a photo shoot didn't I?
Well our Fat Bottomed Girls Group are going to be in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly magazine!  And today the photographer is coming to take various photos of our group in town.  So... I have to get myself all presentable and head off into town before lunchtime to join the other girls.  What fun!

Now I better go and sort out my face/hair/clothes!


3.11 pm:  And... we were very lucky and the rain held off till this afternoon.  So the photo shoot went well, we had a good turnout of ladies.

It was neat to see so many of them again.  After the photos, a few of us had a coffee in town before heading home/back to work.

I came home and had a play with the puppies for a little while, then got on with my next job.

ABOVE:  making a large quantity of Macaroni Cheese.  I'm putting it in freezable dishes and giving it to a friend who is very unwell.  There's a group of us doing this as she's not up to cooking for her family right now.  

I always add bacon and onion to my mac cheese, I hope they like it!

ABOVE:  We are starting to see more and more of these little beasties around the house.  Ikkk.... hadn't seen any for months.  Now?  All over the place.  Maybe the house needs to be sprayed with repellent again.  

I saw my neighbour 'A' over the fence just now and asked her if there was anywhere AT ALL in Cambridge that sells cotton?  NOPE!
I need some brown for the donkey's hooves... and she gave me some.  Yaaa!

I will of course buy some for myself next time I'm in town, but for now I only need a little bit.

I think I will be making a list of colours that I don't have and making sure I've got them so I don't get stuck with no specific colour again.

It's another one of those ikky, sticky days, though it has started to drizzle a bit so has cooled a little.  This summer is turning out to be just dreadful!  We may 'only' get temperatures in the high 20's, low 30's, but when you add a humidity factor of 97-98%... it is unbearable.

I'm stinkin' hot after cooking ... so am taking a break for a while.

A quiet evening... did some sewing, finished the donkey wall hanging.  It's now just after 11 and I'm having an early night.  


  1. Awesome pics Chris. Enjoy your shoot today. Just think Zoolander 😘

  2. Love the photos.

  3. That donkey is adorable, you are so clever.

    Can't wait to see the NZWW spread :-)

  4. If you like Send me your list of colours you need before you go shopping. I can send you some big pieces to add to your collection. Saves buying fat quarters.

    1. Awww derr I just read your post again. Thread not fabric!!!

  5. The donkey is super gorgeous love it that's the best by far.... I think I have changed me mind 3 tines lol. We have had rain steady all day nearly nice humidity not so nice.

  6. Have you tried online at Ali Express for thread? Samyson bought a whole heap of various colours really really cheap - something like 50 colours for $ 5. If you are interested I can find out some more info & get the link to you.

    1. I would not have thought of looking there Tracy! Thanks, I will go check it out tonight.

  7. The other place that might have a few options of cotton is countdown. My local one stocks a few basics, but not sure if they all do.


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