Friday, January 26, 2018


Yesterday late afternoon:

ABOVE:  How do you get a puppy in the paddle pool?  Be the first in!
Works every time... with Marley at least.  Denim had to be dragged in yesterday.

They are just so freakin' cute... they go nuts once they are all wet.

I think I've got morning tea visitors today.  The ladies who I expected on Wednesday morning.  I went out last night and got a few nice biscuits, so I'm sorted for the morning.

After my visitors have been and gone, Griffin and I are heading into Hamilton.  He has to pick up a game from The Base.  I don't really have any shopping to do, so once he's got his game I expect we will come home again.

I've got sewing to do.

I know I said I was going to make those two Dresden Plate blocks into table toppers eh?  Well... I didn't.  I have made this instead:

ABOVE:  I've only finished one so far.  A big cushion.  Isn't it pretty.

I had a quick play with the camera last night, using a few tricks I had learnt off YouTube:

ABOVE:  How's that for a different effect!   I love it.  There is so much to learn... I am going to try another 'trick' sometime today.  Will show you later how it comes out.

And that is all I have for now! 


11.30 am.  And it looks like Jenny has forgotten our morning tea date.  Just a little miffed cos I was really looking forward to her visit.
As she is 80+, I will forgive her though.  She's too sweet and adorable to be cross with.  I will catch up with her at a later date no doubt.

Griffin and I will be going into town (Hamilton) after lunch.   I've arranged to meet up with Amanda and her two youngest for afternoon tea. That will be lovely, haven't seen them since Christmas Day.

4.10 pm:  Just back from Hamilton.  OMG it's unbearably hot and muggy outside right now!
first thing I did when I got home was turn on the aircon.  It's 33 degrees in our family room!

ABOVE:  We met up with Amanda and Liam (Emily was on a playdate), and had a very late lunch at the mall.

ABOVE:  Amanda's phone had a wee accident today... so she had to go investigate repair or replace.  I think she's gunna replace it.

After leaving the mall, Griffin and I popped into town and I booked myself into a camera class with Snapshot.

EXCITED!  In fact, I'm going to two over February.  More on that tomorrow.

I now need to get the puppies out on the lawn so they can run around and have some fun with me.

And that is the LAST TIME I'm putting the dogs on the back lawn on my own!  I hosed them all down individually, then when I wanted to 'round them up' to put them back on their side of the fence... do you think any of them would come to me?  Nope.
I had to corner Coco and Marley and managed to get them into the dog area.  But Denim?  

No... she was not getting caught at all!  I got so hot and bothered I had to get Griffin out to call her.  The little tart ran to him right away!  Grrrr.

I take it from that that none of them trusted me not to hose them down again!  Lesson learnt.    Although it may cool them down a bit, they clearly don't like it.

After dinner we got a sudden, unexpected thunder storm and torrential rain!  It was neat... though for once I was not tempted to go run around in it.

Expecting a quiet evening... Coronation Street is on, so I'm a happy girl.


  1. The cushion looks awesome!

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

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    1. Put Comment Moderation on. That stops a lot of it.

  3. They are the sort of pics of the pups you just wanna cuddle them even soaking wet lol
    Love the cushion the colour differences in bit lots make it amazing .
    Neat shots with the camera The shell one is stunning.. Enjoy the day and hope the weather isnt too extreme in the nth n sth again today ..

  4. Cute pups for sure. Love your cushion-would look lovely in a little girls room. what a shame about your visitors . Can't get why people would be be making nasty comments. Good on you Chris for putting moderation on. have fun this afternoon.

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I really love your cushion! And the puppies are cute.

  6. Bummer about your guests not arriving :-(. I am enjoying the photos of all your handiwork (puppies included).

  7. Such a visual of you chasing the dogs around the back yard hahahaha

    1. IT. WASN'T'. PRETTY. Imagine me... beetroot red with sweat running down EVERYWHERE! Ikkk.

  8. Had a similar episode with my son's dog the other day. It dashed out the front door and down the street, I in my housecoat in PJ's and slippers could be seen running down the street trying to catch the monster. FYI it was snowy and -30C. Finally cornered her in a neighbors' driveway. God help me if I lost the little devil. Have a wonderful weekend.


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