Monday, January 15, 2018


For ME, one of the best things about being a blogger is that it gives my day's purpose.

I can't just get up and do NOTHING.  I have to at least make an effort to do SOMETHING so I have something to put on my blog!

Yes, Seriously!  If I didn't blog, I would get up and just meander through my days, probably not getting any where near as much done as I do!

I love being able to put up my daily projects/accomplishments/and just have somewhere to blabber on about my day!

I plan ahead, like last night I HAD TO get the next wall hanging partly made, so I would have something to put on the blog this morning!

That's how I roll.

So, here's the one I will be working on today:

ABOVE: The colour shows up really horrible in the night light.  I will get a better photo later on today.
I think she's going to be gorgeous.

Today Griffin is off into town, (Cambridge) to meet up with his friends.  I need to go into town too, to pay the Rego for both cars, and then I'm going into Hamilton quickly for some more white fabric for the backings of the wall hangings, and some plain fabric for the reverse side.

I really don't have many plain fabrics at all!  Oh and I also need more dowel. 

Have I ever said what a damn fag it is not having a fabric shop here in Cambridge?  Well.. it is.  Really annoying.  *sigh*

So, that's what I shall be doing today... Shopping and sewing. Catch ya later...


Lunching with daughter Kelly... just bought this:

ABOVE: It's going to be a bit better than a plastic bag on wet walks I hope 😊

So I got my jobs done in town, and also had lunch with Kelly, then I did the grocery shopping and came home.

I asked Griffin to do ONE job before he went out today.  Sweep the kitchen floor.

He did just that...

ABOVE:  He put everything off the kitchen floor, then he swept all the mess onto the carpet.
And then he left!

Like... just left the mess there!  WHAT. WAS. THE. POINT?  I'm rather gobsmacked that he thought THAT was OK!

Just wait till he gets home is all I can say.

I've just got all the groceries out of the car and put away.  Tired now.  Might just put me feet up for a little while. 

So... Griffin arrived home and immediately, before I could even say a word... went and got the vacum and vacumed the floors!  He said he was sorry, he'd totally forgotten to finish the job!  No shit!

So I didn't give him a lecture after all!

It's been a hot and sweaty afternoon ... but thankfully it cooled down a bit in the evening.

I finished the little Rhino wall hanging:

ABOVE:  I knew she would be cute!  Time to stop for the evening.  I'm not starting another one tonight, I am taking a break.


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM


    I love all your sewing...I am no good at sewing at all...I just thought maybe you could open a fabric shop in cambridge ? you have so much knowledge etc..maybe too much trouble to have a


    1. There's been two at least here in the past, both had to close due to ? Probably not making enough money. Much as I'd love a fabric shop... it's not in my destiny.

  2. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Maybe you could start a co-op shop with the other ladies you meet at the sewing groups and it could also be a permanent venue for the groups as well...probably to much trouble I get tired just thinking about doing major stuff...have to laugh at Griffin...the dustpan will be waiting for


  3. What a gr8 day and lots of varied things you and the others got up to ,, Love the wall hanging the wee hearts are just fab to finish it off.

    Laughed when you said Griffin arrived home and went straight to his unfinished job . There is a saying women and unfinished jobs lol but we are ALL guilty of that, male and female !!

    Lovely you caught up and had a nice lunch while out shopping and got your Weather protector ..

    Must say its nice that you blog so often,, I followed You can call me sue ,,1st,and Living the good life , and they have fabulous posts,, cept not as often as yours Chris and through reading hers got to find yours ..

    I would love to find some kiwi bloggers of op shop,, and retro finds,, with the pics, (so far unsuccessful )as I am not very comp savy,,, esp while we are away from Kiwiland for the time being lol

    any suggestions please would be so appreciated..

  4. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Great wall hanging, you're so talented to be able to make all the things you do.
    Hope you have a nice relaxing evening.
    Katrina, Canberra, Australia

  5. Super cute Rhino. Good thing Griffin finished the job proper.

  6. Super cute! Love it!

  7. Ohhh a co-op shop shared Chris's Crafts imagine all your hobbies rolled into one.... rhino is too cute


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