Thursday, January 18, 2018


Our weather forecast was for rain, and probably plenty of it.  I know a lot of holiday makers won't be happy for it to rain, but I want it to!

It will cool things down.  And the farmers will be happy!  Must not forget the farmers.  *smiles*

Yesterday was quite a bit cooler, cloudy all day... so almost bearable.

Today's mission is a slightly larger wall hanging.
I copied a small pattern of a donkey, and will be working on it today.

ABOVE:  It's a pattern I bought a while ago, but I wanted it to be bigger.  It's not a perfect copy, but that's fine by me. It's good enough.

It's going to take me ages to choose the colours for him!  So... once the morning jobs are done... I will be in the fabric room doing just that.


11.34 am: And it is indeed raining.  But not stormy at all.  Just straight out rain and drizzle.  Not the cooling wind.  YET.  I live in hope we get some wind!

Would you believe I went into my fabric room today and found out I have NO GREY fabric at all!

Not even a tiny bit.  And that's the colour I need for the donkey's body.  So, I've shelved the donkey for the day.

And I started a little Lion instead:

ABOVE:  I've cut out all the fabric and stuck it on the backing fabric, so now to do all the applique.  After lunch.

Which might just be a club sandwich from Fran's Cafe. 

ABOVE:  And another one is done.  Only I forgot to put the eye on the bird... after reminding myself over and over again during construction!  Derrr.
I will be added after dinner.

Dinner is left over pork, re-heated with gravy, mashed potatoes, Peas and Corn and Cauliflower with a cheese sauce.  Sounds yum eh? *smiles*

After dinner it will be 'relax and watch TV' time.  Coronation Street tonight... yaaaa.

Just copied/drew out another cartoon character to make tomorrow... IF I have the right fabrics.  If not, I will go into Hamilton and get some, also the grey for the donkey.


  1. Man I do hope it rains today.. boy do we need it.... love the new pattern...

  2. Love the donkey pattern.

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Loving all your wall hangings Chris! You are one talented Chick!!!!

  4. Love the colours on the donkey so bright and cheerful

    Hope you get the rain for the cooling and all the farmers etc ,something we all crave as well

  5. We have the wind & the rain but it is still pretty hot!!

  6. We have the wind but its 37 deg, too hot to even sew !

  7. We have the rain and cold winds. Love the lion. Omg you don't have a colour haha really. That's like me and my yarn stash 😂😂.

  8. Friendliest lion ever! You really are a very talented person.

  9. Love the lion, so cute!

  10. Anonymous11:04 PM

    This site is fantastic, i actually enjoy it.

  11. Hope things cool down for you. Both new projects are very cute.

  12. Anonymous4:46 AM

    I can't believe how quickly you made the darling lion. My president recently had a cognitive test where he was able to correctly identify a lion.

  13. MO I CHANGE my mind the donkey is the cutest YOU had no grey oh wow shopping it is then....


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