Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Right, I have a full morning planned today.

First up... get the two teenagers up at a reasonable time, and give them a list of jobs to be done by the end of the day.

I've pre-warned them that from now on they are to be up and ready for a few jobs most days by 10.30 am!

No more sleeping in till midday, then doing NOTHING all day except eat and play on their X Box's!

I am meeting up with a girlfriend from the Fat Bottomed Girls group for morning tea, that will be awesome.  Gwen has become quite a lovely friend.

After morning tea I will be rushing home to pick up the puppies, who are due for their third round of immunisations and micro chipping at midday.
I cringe at the thought of them being micro chipped, but it has to be done.  I know they don't really feel the pain as badly as we might, but still can't be pleasant.

I'm hoping the kids can come with me, so each can hold a pup in the car and carry it into the Vets for me.  Putting them in their travel cases, then having to carry them in and out of the  car is hard on my back.

I started another bunny toy late last night, I really only wanted to try out a new eye option, something safer than a button.

ABOVE:  That's what I bought the felt for yesterday.  I think the eyes look ok, what do you think?  I'm thinking you won't really be able to tell till it's assembled and finished.  And at 1 am last night I was too tired to carry on... it was another hour off completion.
I will get it done this afternoon.

For now though, I better get a move on... 


12.55 pm:   Well my 'date' for morning tea with Gwen was as expected, just lovely.  So nice to have a grown up, chick natter with a friend right here in Cambridge.  *smiles*  It make me so happy.

After that, I raced home to pick up pups and Brylee.

ABOVE:  Two terrified puppies, off to the Vet for immunisations and micro chipping!  Denim will be seeing an Animal Behaviour Specialist as she is deaf (we figured that out months ago), and also because she has some serious issues with being on a lead.  OH! ... and she sees and hunts GHOSTS.  Seriously cray cray dog!!!  Trust us to end up with a crazy deaf dog.

My 4th little bunny is almost finished... will show you soon...  even if you have no interest in seeing it!  lol

ABOVE:  She is finished, and I couldn't be happier with her.  I've finally ironed out all the issues with her ears, and ease of making.  Now I can churn a few out without worrying that it won't work.

*  I took the ear dots off, I decided they were a detail too many, and not necessary.  I stitched the ear flaps over with just a few tiny stitches instead.*

Denim:  The vet could see no signs of an ear infection, so said she was just born deaf, there is nothing we can do about it.  Pretty much figured that already.

Right, I'm going to bed super early today, I'm utterly knackered.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. When is the first fair? If it's before Valentines Day I've sent you a post on FB of some pretty and simple hearts. You could make the back in calico so the purchaser could write on it.

  2. Oh my gosh I love this bunny 😍😍 and good luck with the teens haha. I'm sure the jobs will get done by midnight tonight 😂😂

  3. So cute! Have you thought about giving it a thumb and hand of sorts? Shouldn't be too hard to change?

  4. Brylee looks like she had her hands full with the pups!! How did Denims consultation go? Love the bunnies and I do think it does look better without the dots on it's ears.

  5. Denim: Showed no signs of an ear infection, so the vet said no doubt she was just born deaf, nothing we can do about it! dots are gone! lol

    1. Bless her. It will be a new experience for you training a deaf dog.

  6. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Hi Chris, Our 3 year old blue healer was born deaf and now has kidney disease, we have brough her special collars that buzzes when we press it just to get her attention and to let her know to come back to us, we’ve also learned hand signals to train her to come sit, all the usual dog training things. The main reason for my comment is we found out to late for us but not you, the breeders have to compensate you you for selling you a deaf dog and pay for all on going costs and if your sweet dog is like ours it’s not only being deaf it’s a lot more, our dog needed scans $600, lots of vets visits before she was diagnosed $70 each and now 2 prescriptions $150 a month. Her life won’t be as long but it will be as full as any other dog, as I said I wish we knew our rights but unfortunately only found out when our daughters friend who works for consumer protection found out our girl was deaf. Jo

  7. Loving the bunnies...

  8. Such cute bunnies. Puppies have grown so much.

  9. Oh those bunnies are getting cuter and cuter I have been doing 12hr day days we in out busy busy site shutdowns and ready them ready for the mills to start production looking forward to a few days off.....


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