Wednesday, January 17, 2018


First of all, THANK YOU for your belated comments yesterday!  I was clearly in a bit of a funk... I don't usually sign off THAT early!

But, it was very nice to have your comments, it confirmed that you were 'out there' reading my drivel after all!  *smiles*

I actually felt quite ill late yesterday afternoon, I don't know why?  I had cooked roast pork for dinner, and couldn't even eat it.  Crackling too!


I've got a little list of things to do in town this morning, which will work in well as I'm meeting up with a couple of Fat Bottomed Girls for morning tea too.  

One of them, 'J', started walking in our group when she was only just pregnant, so her soon-to-be born baby has walked the entire Urban Challenge too!
I'm seeing her and another FBG friend at a local cafe for morning tea.  I'm looking forward to that.

Yesterday I said I would probably work on my display table for the market.  I had thought of putting thin wood on my stand to pin things onto, but I decided fabric would be so much better, cheaper and lighter weight:

ABOVE:  That is NOT the table I will be using btw.  I am going to try and find some cheap plastic boxes to put the mug rugs in, along the front of the display.  The mug rugs will be $6 each, or 4 for $20.  Think that's a fair price?  The wall hangings... well I've not come up with a price for them yet, but probably between $30-$40?

Right, I'm off to do another load of washing, then fluff around the house till it's time to go into town (Cambridge).


Oh yeah... I made this one last night:

ABOVE: Another photo taken at midnight... so not the best lighting.  I must remember to get more dowel today!  

12.51 pm:  Home from town, got all me bits 'n' bobs then met up with Robyn and Johanna for a lovely morning tea and chat.  So nice playing 'ladies'.  *smiles*

Since I got home I've been playing with the pups on the back lawn.

AND... oh so happy... DENIM can hear me whistle!  So,  once she realises it's actually ME calling her, I can train her!  So relieved.  I knew she wasn't totally deaf, but to know I can now get her attention is awesome.

She's totally confused and even frightened of the whistle at the moment, but she will learn and become used to the noise.

I might even try getting one of those dog whistles, that we can't hear... maybe she will hear that?  Then the whole neighbourhood won't have to listen to me whistling... cos I'm LOUD!  lol

I've been mopping the garage floor again... the part that was covered with a large carpet rug.  I've taken up the rug so the dogs can free range in there during the day.

There's always something to clean around here.

Lunchtime... might see how my dinner from last night re-heats!  Griffin and I were going to enjoy a club sandwich from Fran's Cafe, but then I remembered my dinner... so club sandwiches will have to be another day.

Fairly quiet afternoon, spent mucking around in the sewing room mostly.
I found some applique patterns I'd bought a year or two ago and so I've copied and upsized one of the animals to make into a wall hanging tomorrow.

I will show you tomorrow, for now... I need to get on with feeding the guys/me then relaxing for the evening.

The day is done.  I'm done.  Time for bed... it's 12.06 am, so a bit early for me but.. it's too late to be starting anything else, I've just spent the past hour tidying up all the fabrics that had crept into the sewing room... took them all back to the 'fabric' room.  I only want what I'm using right now to be in the sewing room.  Less clutter that way.

It's another day in the morning, plenty of time to start my next wall hanging then.


  1. Love the giraffe!! I wonder how April and her baby are going?

    1. Tajiri is now 9 months old, 10 feet tall and doing extremely well! So are April and Oliver. I follow the park's facebook page, so keep up to date that way.

  2. Glad to hear there is some noises she can hear! :)

  3. Your booth will be darling.

  4. I wonder if there is a dog whistling app! :-) How fascinating & fortunate that her hearing works outside of human range! I wonder if it is the same for teenagers and husbands <> ;-)

  5. I think Australia and the rest of the world can hear you whistle, so if Denim couldn't wooooo, (I can whistle just like mum so I know :))

  6. There is more than one way to skin a cat,,, as the saying goes that wee dog ,,,will adapt like we all do,, when one sense is taken away

    keep blogging Chris,,,,, and we all will enjoy reading!!!

    Love the wall hangings they are gr8 and colourful for all to enjoy!!

  7. Looks like you had a busy day. Good luck with the pup.

  8. Loving the Giraffe, good idea with the mug rugs hope your stall will be in some shade? Whistling yay that's a relief for you and Denim....


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