Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I wish I didn't wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY feeling like utter shit!

Seriously, I wake up and just feel ill.  It doesn't help that within minutes of waking up I get one of the worst hot flushes of the day... which make me want to throw up/die on the spot.

Damn bloody menopause!  It's now been 13 years of hell.

It looks like I am one of the most unfortunates, who never 'outgrows' menopausal hot flushes.  

But enough bitching.  I just have to grin and bear it for the first hour or two in the morning... till I feel more human and happy.

There's a few odd jobs on my schedule today, mostly mundane shit like washing, cleaning bla bla bla.

My pile of 'logs' in the lounge fireplace (fake fireplace!) need to be nailed together so they stay put, so that's on me list.

Once my jobs are done I shall probably make a start on another little wall hanging.  I want to have about 6 done for the market in February.

Eeeek!  I just booked my place at the market!  I am classed as a 'casual stall holder', so will have to take wherever they put me on the day.
It's going to be either fun, or utterly boring.  Time will tell!
February 11th if you are around... would love to see someone I know! lol

I will remind ya all before the day again. *smiles* 

I better get my table for the market sorted out too... work out how it will all fit and look.  Another odd job for today perhaps.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on...


Well it's taken me a good two hours to get my pile of logs nailed together !
And I also got me washing done.. it's inside as we are supposed to be getting rain at some stage.

Much easier to just put it inside and not worry about checking the sky all the time.

Now... it's almost midday and I'm off to have lunch and a sit down.

Nothing is happening today! No comments even... so I'm signing off for the day.

Yesterday I said what I enjoyed about blogging.  Today I will say this, when there's no comments all day you just feel suckful!  I don't blog to get comments of course, but they do make me feel like I at least have company during the day!


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I haven't commented for a while, as I guess I got spam filtered out!
    Love the hangings, and I loved the rabbits even more?
    I hung the washing out today (bedsheets), as its -26c here, so I can be sure they will freeze-dry in just a few minutes!

  2. I always feel like crap in the morning aswell...hate it takes a few hours to come right. Hope you sell heaps at market......read your blog every single day xxx

  3. I don't comment much. But I do read every day (and check in several times a day).

  4. Sorry back at work this week - manic to say the least!!!

    I might come & do a day trip on the 11th Feb with Siobhan again :-)

  5. First chance to get on today (normally I'm reading you with my morning cuppa). I hear you with the hot flushes. I wake up every single morning soaking wet from head to foot. I wonder if it will ever end. It's been years.

    If I could hop on a plane I'd be at your market - cept it's youngest granddaughters baptism that day.

    Hope you feel better soon and are back blogging in your usual bright fashion tomorrow xx

  6. Have you ever tried seeing your laundry outside when the temps are below freezing? We put up an amazing pulley system, but when it is 15 below zero, I sure don't feel like standing in a snow bank to see of it works or not.

  7. Hang in there Chris lol I have just got home and read your blog I know you do it with good intentions and that is so appreciated here ,,

    We are in a different time zone where we are atm so by the time you guys are having dinner we are having afternoon Tea if we can get a break lol

    Love all the ideas and the wood in fire even if its not real will look just great and give a nice winter look . In regards to the hot flushes one of my older sis gets them really bad and had hormone levels checked and Dr said they are very high so on patches to try and help.

    Not the same with the rest of us so must be a 1 off . Feel so sorry for her and you,// I am not in any way saying for you to get the patches as its a very personal decision ..

    Take care,all of you there,, and love the blog ,,even tho we are a long way from Home,,, keeps us up to date !!

    Thanks so much

  8. You should try that magnet thing that Belinda Carlisle recommends!
    My work colleague ordered one and swears by it.

  9. You're one of the only people who comment on my blog lol

  10. I started work yesterday and still getting used to waking up early. Still check everyday though.

  11. I just had my uterus removed (and my bladder and rectum and intestines tucked in - it was a horrible prolapse ok?? I was the Thanksgiving turkey this year) and I don't have any menopause. I keep wondering when it will happen. They left my ovary (I only have one!) and told me I will know when it happens.

    Well I hope it is not this obvious!!

  12. Hiya. Im getting over my operation. Been in plaster since 7th December. The heat is getting to ne so know how you feel. Hopefully plaster removed next Tuesday and i can get into a moonboot and start to weight bear and walk. Can't wait to get back to living!!


  13. Know what ya mean about comments, my blog very rarely gets any comments....but hey I write it for me anyways.
    But I read yours most days....don't always comment though as I usually at work and look on my phone, then when I get home I forget to go on pc and comment..

  14. I still get hot flushes and I'm 62 this year. Bloody awful... mine are usually in bed at night. Sheets off, legs out... sweat like a pig then five minutes later cover up and start all over again. Oh well, could be worse - I'm healthy and alive :)

  15. I sympathize with you on the hot flushes. Just the absolute worst. If mine continue I'm going to try to take one of the herbal over the counter treatments.

    The wall hangings are absolutely adorable. Maybe you could offer to personalize for a fee?

  16. Menopause is the pits. Good luck with the craft fair.

  17. I am yet to start menopause but I'm not liking it already..... By the sounds of it...... I have been head down arse up working got a NEW JOB busy busy busy also lost me charger for 4 days found it tidying up 🙄


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