Sunday, January 14, 2018


Well, after finishing all the mug rugs last night, I sat down and watched me favourite TV programme, Coronation Street.

But nagging in the back of me head was this idea to start a wall hanging...


ABOVE:  By midnight I had found the patterns, chosen this one, sorted out the fabrics for it,  and cut it out.
Now I shall make some little hearts to go down the side (or somewhere) and then applique him on.  He's already stuck down with Steam A Seam.

What fun!

But before that, I am on a mission to empty all my kitchen cupboards that are holding FOOD, wipe them all down, then re-organise them.
It's been bugging me that I can't reach some foods that I use all the time, or have to bend down to get them... so time to sort it out.
It's long overdue!

I will get the guys to take everything out for me and put it on the bench and table, that way I can really get my head around where to put everything.  I bet I drive everyone mental trying to find shit again!  lol


Stew and I got up relatively early considering we didn't have to... but since getting up we have been on to it.... and after 3 hours our kitchen cupboards are cleaned out, re-organised and I'm happy.

 ABOVE:  Thanks for the tips Karen and Tracy.  I don't have any of the plastic and wire things... but I did have a box or two!  Now the potatoes and onions are in a box (on rollers), so accessing them is so easy now.

I also put all our herbs and spices in plastic boxes (Yellow and Green), so I can just pull out the box and find what I need ... so much easier!  And tidier too of course.

Right up the top I put a cane basket, which has all the sugars in (icing, brown, raw, caster etc) ...  stuff you don't need to get too often.

 ABOVE:  This used to be full of CHIPS and popcorn!  Now we are only going to be buying the odd packet of chips (the kids were eating a packet or two A DAY!).  No more.

Now it's for the biscuits, cereal bars, nuts, popcorn AND a few packets of chips.

And nice and high, so I'm not tempted to get into it.

ABOVE:  I'm now left with all these 'spare; Tupperware containers!  

They will find a home eventually.   This clean up also enabled me to re-arrange a few other kitchen cupboards too, so the kids will be putting shit away in the 'wrong' places for a while I suppose.  Hope they figure it out fast cos I've not spent hours tidying every cupboard up to have them mess 'em up again!

It's now 1.12 pm and I'm actually starving, so will take a break and have some left over scones for lunch.

THEN I will get back into the sewing room...

Well.. it's almost 7 pm and I just finished the Hippo:

ABOVE:  Annoying blurry photo!  But... you can see how it's come out.  I'm happy with it.
Believe it or not, what takes the longest time with these sort of project is ... choosing the friggin fabric to use for things like the bird and hearts!

But as I get back into the swing of making these it will get quicker I'm sure.

And that is all I have for the day.  I'm bloody melting!  It's so damn hot and humid, I break out in a sweat just sitting, god help me if I move!

We hope to have a really quiet evening.


  1. I've got wire shelves in my cupboards that I got from the Homecare outfit, the magazine in your letterbox. Mush easier to see my tin foods etc. I've also put bins in my bottom cupboards so I can pull them out to see what's on them. Best thing I ever did.

  2. I use the plastic & wire shelf extenders from The Plastic Box and the same plastic shelves as Karen, easier to see what you have plus it makes extra shelf space. All spices & herbs are in boxes so ai just pull them out when I need them. Large plastic bins on the bottom for pasta, noodles, rice and one for bulk foods that won’t fit in container eg extra sugar, flour etc plus I put stuff in ther that is “off limits” to the kids.

  3. Having the herbs & spices in boxes is brilliant, so easy to just pull out the boxes, use the stuff then put it all back again when done 😀

  4. Gr8 cupboards update,, always makes you feel better when its organised and easy to get at . A team effort between you guys!! Love it

    Wall hangings great ,,,yes they are fiddly ,,but look at the end result. As always lovely and colourful

    You will be on to it, once you get in the full swing of it, cos the mug rugs are just so neat .

    Your gardens are a reflection of you ones and the variety and colour, so the same with insides creativity.
    You have so much patience doing them....

    gr8 stuff

  5. Your coubards looks awesome. I love your little hippo and the bird a really lovely touch. 😍😍

  6. Cupboards look great. Will be so much easier for you. Glad I gave useful ideas.

  7. You are so clever. Looks lovely

  8. The hippo is so cute. Once again your talent amazes me.

  9. Good re-organization. Enjoy the heat -40C here.

  10. Cabinet looks nice I have all my spices in little tubs and then separated in alpha order lol. A-B, C, D-F, etc lol

  11. Yes everyone's kitchen cupboards need major regaining its see a space put it there otherwise great to see you back sewing like a demon.....


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