Sunday, January 07, 2018


We didn't get away scotch free from storm damage.
We lost all our plums, our rhubarb is battered and drooping and these flowers:

ABOVE:  Demolished.  And most of the agapantha's are either toppled or drooping badly too.  
Oh and one corner of the shade sail over my car came away and has to be re-attached to the pole.  Stew will probably do that today.

And maybe mow the lawns too.  Depends on the weather, though the forecast is for better weather today.

I'm going to have a go at making the Green Plum chutney/Relish/Pickle today ....  I have to chose a recipe!  I will make a small batch first and see how it comes out before I cook up all of these:

ABOVE:  Such a shame!  I was looking forward to eating our own lovely red plums.  *sniff*

But, maybe the chutney will be just as lovely?

Oh and I must show you this:

ABOVE:  Martyn and Jacqui gave us the bike Sophia has outgrown!  We are just so grateful, and Keera is going to be thrilled to bits!  I am going up to Auckland on Tuesday, so Keera will be getting it then.  

Perfect timing as Dante got a bike for Christmas from his Uncle Russell.

So that's today's plans.  Making chutney.  Gardening.  And if I get time, some sewing too.


Well... scrapped the plum chutney idea.  Was going to take too much time and energy, for something that there was no guarantee we would even like.
Sounds lazy I know, but seriously?  I'd much rather be doing something I enjoy!

Stew's birthday tomorrow, so I went down to the local shops and yeah.... IT'S BLOODY SUNDAY EH?  5/8th's of F all is open. That will teach me to leave it till the last moment!  I will get something tomorrow.

While at Martyn and Jacqui's yesterday, they had their mozzie/fly repellant on... and we realised that we had some at home and had not been using them!

Maybe that is why we didn't have mozzies last summer, and do this summer!  Derrr, what twits we are.

So we hunted around and found our's:

ABOVE:  Ha ha!  We have heaps of them!  All the canisters are empty, so we are off to the supermarket to get new ones.  Fingers crossed by this time tomorrow our mozzie problem will be gone.

11.00 pm:  And I've spent the rest of the day sewing.  Stew got the lawns done and fixed the shade sail so my car can go under it again.
He did well.  *smiles*

I've stopped sewing for the day now, I've got a huge pile of half finished mug rugs waiting to be trimmed.

My feet have been slowly swelling all evening, particularly my left foot. So annoying.  It feel so yuk.  Hopefully they will go down overnight.

Signing off for the day.


  1. Our plum tree is still packed I got 15 bags off it this morning

  2. Put the plums out on the road with a sign saying “free”. Or advertise them on a local Facebook page. Someone will be happy to take them I am sure

  3. I was going to suggest what Tracy said! If you advertise them free, I'm sure an eager chutney maker will take them off your hands - may even give you a small jar in return. Is a bummer though - looked like you were set for an awesome crop.

  4. Bummer about the plums, but I agree, chuck 'em!

  5. Taupo was battered too, tree damage mostly but area very water logged lake high Huka Falls spectacular.

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