Saturday, January 13, 2018


We are expecting Steve, Bex and the kids today.  They are coming down so Brylee can go back with them for a week long visit.

They should be here around lunchtime, so I have all morning to work on the mug rugs.

ABOVE:  This was my pile to trim and then turn in the right way last night.  I got about 100 done ... but by 1 am I was too tired to carry on, so went to bed.

I shall get back to them soon though.  If I do well... I should have most of them finished by the end of the day, or tomorrow at the latest.

THEN I can think about what next to make for the market.  Wondering about some little animal wall hangings, they would be fun to make.

ABOVE:  These are some wall hangings I've made in the past... wonder if they would sell if I made some?  Hmmmm.

So, one thing at a time I suppose, back to the mug rugs.  I'm really happy that I will have a good amount to be starting out with.  I haven't actually counted them all up yet... but it's more than 125!


Busy busy busy!  I finally got all the mug rugs trimmed and turned in the right way, then I had to steam press them all, ready for topstitching.

ABOVE:  All ready for topstitching ... which will happen later. I'm over them for now!

I made cheese scones for lunch, which turned out perfectly.

ABOVE:  My sticking drawers are finally getting fixed, only took 18 months!
Oh well, they are getting done now.

The previous owners of our home put really heavy jam jars in them and ruined the runners.

Oh we counted up all the mug rugs... there's 174!  So a good stock pile to be starting with.

Steve, Bex and the kids left after dinner, and I got on with top stitching the mug rugs.  I have finally finished all 174 of them, so now on to plotting my next project.

I've hauled out my patterns....  but for now it's Coronation Street time!


  1. Cool we still have a wall hanging of yours.


  2. Just love those wall hangings

  3. You are so industrious, you are inspiring me! Ramona helped me back for the first time today and now she is moving the floor (dry mop). She just started doing it and saying "clean, clean!"

    1. Ramona helped me bake and then she mopped the floor. Damn auto correct! For reference she is 21 months now :-) great job on the mug rugs!

  4. Sandie Bee4:56 PM

    Looking good for the market :)
    You could think about market bags. With most supermarkets stopping plastic bags, people are looking for cute funky alternative bags - have been hunting for ones. Thought you might like this one cause it has a nautical look :)

  5. Anonymous5:59 PM

    You're so talented! I visit your website for inspiration because, as other commenters have said, you ARE an inspiration. Your sewing ideas are really cool.


  6. Yes I would buy homemade sturdy bags not the cheap nasty ones! That supermarkets have I need about 4, what about the hold all bags? You made with the dowelling

  7. Fabulous effort Chris you are so enthusiastic its really inspiring!!

    and with nice catchup as well with Steve Bex and young ones and Brylee will have a gr8 time.

    As teens its always neat to be away for a break in school hols,, and catchup,, and help out with the young 3 there as well as girl time with Bex as well

    Griffen will miss her,, but can have some catchup time,, with just you 3 there..

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  8. WTG! You'll have a nice little stock built up for your craft show.


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