Saturday, January 20, 2018


Two things on my immediate agenda today.

1.  Return my camera to Snapshot, where they can check it and confirm it's not working properly.  Then it can go back to Canon for REPAIR again.   Grrrr.

2.  Return the lens I bought yesterday.  There is NO point me having a lens with no camera!  

By the time my camera is FIXED properly, the original lens SHOULD be fixed too eh?  I will scream if it's not!  

So... after we sort that shit out... I think I will be in need of a nice lunch!  No doubt we will end up somewhere at the mall.   Maybe it will be just Stew and I too?

Getting Griffin out of bed before 11 am now days is almost impossible!  

I'm looking forward to this afternoon.  I am going to make a start on the little donkey wall hanging.  That should bring my mood up.  *smiles*

Oh and I will also get Kelly's camera out and give it a whirl.  It's got to be better than my phone!  Fingers crossed.


2nd time in almost 3 months... I did the splits again!  This time I slipped on the wet garage floor as I was cleaning it, went down on my left knee, right leg went totally the other way, banged my head on the cross trainer and twisted my left shoulder... so I'm a bit wobbly on me feet right now!

Luckily no major damage done (I think), just my dignity took a battering.  What a twit.  Perhaps I should just stop mopping the floor?  lol

We will be heading into town in the next hour or so... might try waking the teenager to see if he wants to join us.

FANTASTIC RESULT AT SNAPSHOT HAMILTON!  They tested my camera and new lens and within 30 seconds the guy had the same problem as me!  So, they are sending it back to Canon.

They have been very proactive, and had already sent a couple of emails to Canon explaining the problem, and insisting that they work on my camera immediately, and NOT put it at the bottom of the queue!

AND... AND... OMG the owner of the shop GAVE ME A LOANER camera to use FOR FREE!!!  It is exactly the same camera as mine, so I know how to use it.

I nearly cried.  I'm so delighted to have a proper camera to use while mine is getting repaired.  AGAIN.

In fact, we are all of the opinion the repair person just put the battery door back on and nothing else!  They didn't even bother to dust or wipe over the camera!  Useless.  They had it 11 weeks, and they sure in hell hadn't 'fixed' it!

So, Boooo to Canon, and Yaaaa to Snapshot Hamilton!

After that we went for lunch at The Foundation at The Base.  Always consistently good food and service there.

Home now... bloody tired and sore all over.  A nap is called for!  

I did take some photos with the loaner camera and my little lens (which I will be keeping now)... but will edit them later and post a couple or 10!  *laughing*

 ABOVE:  What clarity!  Amazing, gorgeous photo taken with my loaner and new lens, a 'nifty 50'.

 ABOVE:  Not quite so good with flowing water, but still OK.

ABOVE:  Best for close up portrait and flowers/still life.  

The 50 mm lens is really cute!  

OMG today is stinkin' hot, and almost no wind, we are just melting.  I tried to have a nap, but just lay there drenched in sweat.  Horrible.

We don't even feel like dinner... Stew suggested we have some crackers and dips.  Excellent idea.

So it was so hot in the house we turned the air conditioning on ... what a relief!  But it was too hot for me to do any sewing tonight.  I've just watched TV and YouTube videos all night.  
Hopefully it's a bit cooler tomorrow.


  1. Ouch!! Hope you're not too bruised tomorrow!! How aggrivating re your camera!! Canon had it long enough, there's no excuse for that!

  2. Ouchies you need to be careful, lucky you didn't knock yourself out. What a great service that is at snapshot. Tis me Blondie

  3. Alright, glad they did right by you!

  4. Look at the cutey wutey. So glad you have a loaner camera. You won’t know yourself.

  5. Wow beautiful photos. Excellent service from Snapshot but Canon crap. If it takes a long time again I'd threaten Fair Go. These cameras aren't cheap.

  6. Anonymous10:56 PM

    We ran the ac all night recently, it was still 27 at 1am. 2 days later we are wearing coats while watching the drag racing 🙄

  7. It's been either 40 or almost 40 here on and off for a week! So our air conditioning has been on nearly every day for the week. No point in not running. Sure, costs a fortune but seriously, just can't live without it here.

    1. I don't know how you live in that sort of heat! Today it was around 28-29C, but with a very high humidity ... so very sticky. I think your heat is slightly different to our's? Even the difference from Auckland's heat to where we are now is amazing. Auckland it was a drier heat, here it is so humid... so horrible! We had NO WIND today which made it even more unbearable.

  8. Griffin might be going through a growth spurt or having other sorts of hormonal things going on - that he has trouble waking in the morning sounds very much like my kiddos at that age (two are around same age)! It takes a lot of energy to be a teen boy.


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