Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I got a phone call from Jenny a few days ago.
Jenny is an adorable older lady from the Cambridge Patchwork Group I attend.

*We are on 'holidays' from our group at the moment, we don't meet over late December and January.

Jenny wanted to know if I was attending the Monday night meeting coming up?  I said "No", as our group doesn't meet up again until mid February.

To which she replied she actually knew that, but she wanted an excuse to ring me!  I'm like eh?

Seems she really wanted to ask if she could visit me and show her visiting daughter my garden!  LOL!  Of course I said "Yes" ... and invited them to morning tea today.

Her daughter is visiting from London, so I don't know what sort of garden she is expecting to see?  I hope it's not flowers!  We don't have any flowers.  Yikes.

I will have to pop out first thing this morning to get something for morning tea, there is nothing evil in the house, not even a chocolate biscuit!

I stayed up late last night tidying my sewing room... it was an utter tip!  Cotton threads and little bits of paper and fabric all over the floor!  
A 'working' room mess for sure.

 ABOVE:  My stash of mug rugs and bunnies for the market, along with the latest 5 wall hangings.  Getting there!

 ABOVE:  I'm going to make these into table toppers.  Probably today sometime.

ABOVE:  This photo was too cute not to show... I know I put heaps up yesterday, but come on... how adorable is this?  I love that kid.

11.30 am:  And my morning tea guests have not arrived.  Stew did say he thought it was Friday they were coming, so now I think he was right.  Dammit.  Now Griffin and I have to eat the club sandwiches!  What. A. Shame.

The house is super tidy, so win win on that score.  Though in saying that, now that we don't have a 5 year old in the house all the time, it really doesn't get untidy any more.  *smiles*

2.45 pm:  And I must need my head read.  I'm gardening!  In the worst heat of the day.  Seriously, there was something bugging the shit outta me, so I just had to do it.

More ... later.


ABOVE:  The small amount of hedging we have around the two gardens bordering our back patio had gotten quite bushy.

I didn't know if I wanted to keep it or not, so for now I've trimmed it.  It might grow on me.  If not, I will pull it out.

It's certainly nicer short, now I can actually see into the garden at what's there.  What do you think?  Keep it, or not?

I forgot to mention... I went to the garden center today and got SOME FLOWERS!  Yep, the box garden where I put lettuces and herbs has now got some flower plants, and I put some succulent cuttings in there too.

The succulents might die off over winter... but hopefully will revive come spring like the others did.

I had been wanting to get some flowers in my garden somewhere, so now I have some.  

They got planted at 8 pm, once it was cooler.  
Now, it's time to unwind for the day.

I got no sewing done today, but that's fine, I've got time before the market on the 11th of February.


  1. Hi Chris, I have a suggestion for you to make for your wall hangings - have you ever seen "The Grey Bear with the Blue Nose"? We have one and it comes with its own little story. I thought you could do a wall hanging of the bear and attach a printed out little story book which you can get here.

    If you google the grey bear with the blue nose you will find lots of photos. My kids still love me reading that story - the book that came with the bear is tiny which make it even more fun :)

    1. We've had a few of those bears through the years! They are lovely. I will wait and see if my stall is profitable before doing anything like that though, also there might be copyright issues.

    2. True, yeah I thought about the copyright... such a cute little bear though :)

  2. You are so productive with your the bunny. Beautiful last photo.

  3. Gorgeous photo of Griffin and the pup.
    I literally cannot get over how much sewing you have accomplished lately. You have been busy!

  4. Love Griffin and the pup. Beautiful shot.

  5. You're a busy little bee!

    1. Julie I'm using a Canon 70D, which is the same camera as mine.

  6. I like the hedges and much prefer them lower. Christy xxxxx

  7. Such gorgeous photos. Keep hedging let it full in a bit but manicure. It's amazing how much you sew in a short time, will you add the times to the table?

    1. Times to the table?

    2. No... I have used most of them as Christmas gifts.

  8. Lovely garden. Your blog has become a bit of relaxation for me. I enjoy your pictures, your honesty and your sense of humor. Thank you.

  9. Leave the garden and make it into a box hegde

  10. Gr8 pics again and the one of Griffin and the dog so neat, and SO natural of him . All of you ones are photogenic.

    Like the others say your blog is relaxing to read esp the garden and outdoor pics as well,,,and the things you get through in a day amazing..

    Love the wee box hedge trimmed and agree its a nice thing to manicure and looks neat and trim..

    Love your energy its catching ,,I Hope lol ..

    Enjoy Friday with your vizzies ...

  11. Personally I love the hedge and have one at my house. If you do end up deciding to pull it out, don’t discard it, advertise it for sale, seriously I paid $ 7 per plant when I bought mine and they were only 12 - 15 cm tall ( x 40 that I needed), cost a small fortune and that was buying direct through a wholesale nursery. Your plants are bigger and someone would definitely pay to buy them that sz.

  12. Hello, I used to blog and followed you . I’m blogging again and have just found and read your blog. Trying to take a peep at your grand children .The last one I remember is the little boy of Steve and Bex Next was pregnantat that time .
    I had my old blog reset by anIT man but have only been able to get in. Once . I’m still hoping to get in cyber world.
    Please, please visit me and leave a comment .
    Your dogs are as adorable as ever .
    I’d love to catch up . Xx

  13. Your market stall is going to look amazing with all those beautiful bright colours Chris.
    I like the hedge.

  14. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Beautiful photo of Griffin and pup. Keep the hedge short and you could have a parterre garden, there are some lovely pictures of these online. Em London

  15. The Garden looks lovely. Enjoy the summer.


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