Tuesday, January 30, 2018


*** If you didn't read yesterday's post, I talked about needing to see a dentist asap.  I lost a filling yesterday, PLUS I've been in pain from bad teeth for quite a few months now. ***

For my entire adult life I have been ashamed of my teeth.

As a child I was subjected to horrific trips to the Dental Clinic and Dentist.  Like thousands of kids, I got fillings.
But for some reason, I got virtually every tooth in my mouth filled except for my front teeth.

I don't know if that was because I didn't brush enough, or ate the 'wrong' foods, or just had 'bad' teeth genetically?

My Mum lost all her teeth in her very early 20's, yet my Dad had all his till he died, with only a few fillings.

When I was expecting my first child, I knocked one of my front teeth, which resulted in having a root canal ... horrific to go through while pregnant I can tell you.  Particularly when I was petrified of dentists by then.

Then the only other time, as an adult, I had to get a filling was about 25 years ago.  I had to be sedated at the dentist's cos I couldn't even get into the dental chair without having to run to the toilet!

So... I dread hearing from the dentist this week... but I also know I have to do something before I am in even more pain than right now.


Change of topic now.  The two teenagers have to go to school today.
First time in about two and half months!  They won't be there for the entire day though, it's just a day to confirm their courses/classes/timetables really.

Griffin has to sort his out again, he went a week or so ago and they dicked him around.
He's not in the one class he really needs to be in.  If he can't get it sorted out, Stew is going to the school to get it done.
There is NO POINT the kid going to school if he can't study the ONE THING that's most important for his future path!

As for my day?  Curled up in a corner rocking?  Sucking me thumb in fear?  lol
Not quite, but close.

Probably do some housework and sewing, play with the dogs.  Just a 'normal' day!


Grrrrr... my neighbour's dogs are going nuts.  There's a religious group going from house to house.  I've shut and locked my front door.  I ain't up for being preached to.  EVER.
Each to their own of course, but don't try ramming your beliefs down my throat thanks.  And no, I don't need a prayer for my sins/health/family/the world bla bla bla.

Maybe for me teeth! lol 

2.03 pm:  I just heard back from the Dental Center.  They said I need to go in for a full examination and x-rays so they can work out what needs doing and work out a treatment plan/costs.
THAT sent me straight to the loo!  I had to stay there for half an hour!  I feel sick.

But, I emailed them back with some dates I could come in.  Now I wait.  And feel sick some more.  I just feel like crying, I'm that scared.

I've done the housework today, but not much else.

OMG... 2.45 pm tomorrow.  I go to the dentist!  I can't believe I'm going to a dentist... TOMORROW!


ABOVE:  4.30 pm:  44 degrees C !!!

9.25 pm:  Oh thank goodness it's cooled down a bit!  We sat on the back lawn with the pups for a while in the coolness, was lovely.

Inside again now and watching a new series "Innocent"... looks interesting.

Signing off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. There are dentists now that cater to fearful patients. You will be okay. Try to save your natural teeth if possible! Good luck.

  2. I hope you hear back from the dentist soon and can find one that will be sensitive to your fears. I don't fear the pain at the dentist but feeling held down in the chair has freaked me out the last few time I have been.

  3. Yes, dentists know how to handle people like you - make sure you get all the sedation you need, seriously it's not a big deal these days. I too was a child of the dental clinics and had every tooth filled (like you, without numbing). My mother had all her teeth removed when she was 16 but my father had an almost full set when he died at 84.

    The best thing you can possibly do is get treated and because there will be so much to do, get sedated completely. Do it, you'll never regret it except for when they give you the bill :)

  4. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Awww Chris I feel for you. I grew up in the UK and I too had all my teeth filled with large fillings in a terrifying assembly line of other people getting the same thing done. It left me with PTSD. My parents didn't take care of my teeth so they rotted ..... I had molars removed at the age of 5 which, to me now, is unbelievable.

    Find a dentist who will sedate you, someone who caters to nervous patients. You don't want to lose your teeth so go on in with your Big Girl panties on and just do what you need to do. The advances in dentistry are amazing now and you won't feel a thing. Bad teeth will systemically affect your entire health. Good luck!


  5. Who are you going to Chris? I see there is a Gentle Dentist in your town and they do IV sedation. Phone them, don't worry about all this email stuff. In fact, go and see them - it might be the very thing you need to put your mind at rest :)

    1. My neighbour told me about Gentle Dental here in town, she said they were wonderful. So that's the one I've emailed. They have already said they will do IV sedation if that's what I want.

    2. That's fantastic! With the sedation you simply don't remember anything. I've had that for other procedures (colonoscopy, endoscopy etc - it's brilliant stuff!!) Just take it one step at a time, don't panic and good luck for successfully getting your teeth fixed!!

  6. Go & see the Dentist & see how they treat you and if they are sympathetic to your fears & handle you accordingly with care & kindness, if not, find another one.

  7. Oh Chris, I feel for you about the dentist. I avoided them for about 30 years, until the tooth that lost its filling broke off, and I had to go because I was in pain. They really are so much better than they were - honest. I had to have that tooth pulled, and wisdom tooth, and it was a breeze. Please go before it gets worse.

  8. It's great that your appointment is so soon. Less time to fret. I am just as fearful as you. But, truly, I do get really good pain free care. But I am still unreasonably scared. You will do fine. Xrays don't hurt. Neither does taking a peek. And knowing your situation will be beneficial. Hang in there....

  9. The fear is always worse than the reality. You'll feel so much better when you've had that first appointment and have met them. Your teeth are so important to your health - and I'm sure you want to be a good role model for Brylee and Griffin, so they look after their teeth.

  10. That's great news get the xray stuff done a plan in place knock you out drips win win

  11. Good luck today.


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