Sunday, January 28, 2018


Today we are heading up to Auckland to pick up Brylee.
She's been up visiting with Steve, Bex and the kids for two weeks now.

It will be nice to have her home again... though Dante is upset.  He said last night "Who am I going to play with tomorrow?"
Awww so sweet.  I know the little kids have really enjoyed having Brylee there.

I'm sure she can go up again in the next school holidays.  
They will roll around quickly enough.  Both Dante and Keera will be at school this year, so Bex will only have wee Archer home during the week.  Until he starts Kindy that is!  Then she will have a little bit of 'me' time.

 ABOVE:  Coco is looking very scruffy after getting sopping wet the other day!  Her coat is all curly instead of fluffy. 

 ABOVE:  The pups playing on the back lawn last night.  There's lots of twigs to chew, but no, they have to have a tug-of-war over just one.  lol

ABOVE:  I put their 'hair' up in a pony tail!  They looked like 'real' Shih Tzu's!  That hair is coming off on Wednesday!  I can't wait, they are going to be so much cooler groomed again.

Right, I better bugger off and get ready to head out the door.  


3.57 pm:  we didn't stay long in Auckland.  It was just too hot and I was worried about leaving the dogs in the garage all day.  So after spending a couple of hours with the kids we came home. 

It was an uneventful trip, not too much traffic.  I'm going to edit the photos I took of the kids then pop a few on here.  Gimme time.

ABOVE:  Just a few happy pics of the Auckland family.

Since getting home we've done NOTHING.  It was 34 degrees in our family room AGAIN... so on went the air con.

Puppies were given lots of ice  before we left home..  of course they played in it!  Just a muddy dish of water now.  *smiles*

I can't wait till Wednesday... grooming time.

Signing off for the day... it's not like I'm going to do anything!  Chilling ... watching TV.


  1. Have a safe trip, drive carefully :-)

  2. Enjoy the day away always a nice change and trip that far and gr8 company when you get there.
    Lovin those Pups and Griffin is gr8.. not going crazy near the camera , then its more natural . love all that about your pics

    School next week will be a change back in all of our routines ..Enjoy!!

  3. I hope that you are having a lovely day up in Auckland. Gorgeous photos.

  4. Gorgeous photos. Man my succulent plants look good oh and the family 😂😂 was a awesome visit xx

  5. Keera looks very settled in. Gorgeous photos. Love succulents Bex.

  6. Lovely pics and so many pics to treasure of all the Whanau .. They all look so happy and the different snaps you do, are worth keeping on a disc, cos its amazing how 6 months down the track everyone has changed !!!

    Bex and Steve and all the young ones are a Happy lot and have a lovely home and all,, that Brylee wouldve had a gr8 time at..

    Love Keeras wee top and her pic with the others as well, and those

    wee bobble thingys we had in the 60s on tops with hipster jeans lol

    I see in the ""You can call me Sue" blog she has added them to long dresses/tops as well and they look amazing !

    It was through her blog We found yours .

    Both Blogs are always so colourful and good reading and photography!!


  7. Love the pics....all the little are growing up so fast !!

  8. Lovely pics of everyone FINALLY GOT A FAN searched Auckland Hastings Hamilton and Taupo nothing!!!!


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