Saturday, September 30, 2017


Lacy leaves us today.  She is catching the 9.30 am bus from here,  and she will be home late tonight.
She has a 5 hour lay over in Auckland, so can stretch her legs and have a look around downtown Auckland in between her two bus trips.

If we are lucky, there won't be too many tears this morning from Keera!  She has really enjoyed having her Mum here the past few days.

 ABOVE:  My blue flowers are finally starting to come out!  I have these ground cover blues, and  a few irises, and the little blue tree is slowly getting ready to burst into blue flowers too.

So gorgeous!

Today we are going into Hamilton to have a look for a walking harness for Coco.  We saw a little dog in one the other day and it looked so nice and comfy, so much nicer than a collar that pulls on her neck.  We will need to get one for Marley eventually too.

I will be getting all the washing up to date today so I can pack Keera's bag, ready for tomorrow, when we go to Auckland to a) See the puppies and b) Drop Keera off at Steve and Bex's for a week long 'holiday'.

And that is all I have for now...   


ABOVE:  Waiting for the bus, which was bang on time!
And best of all... NO TEARS! Not a single one... such a relief.  
Keera is now happily playing here at home, and Lacy is on her way back up north.

She's got a gorgeous day for travelling... not a cloud in the sky.

I'm now getting a bit of housework done before we go into Hamilton.

3.15 pm:  Just home from Hamilton.
We had a good trip in... checked out dog harnesses and leads, then had lunch at The Base.

Then we did this:

 ABOVE:  Yep, with Lacy's approval, we had Keera's hair cut.  Coming into swimming time at school, I didn't want her having wet, dripping hair all down her back ...

 ABOVE:  So she got a lovely long bob.  And she loves it!  She can keep it down, and it can be put up too when necessary.

ABOVE:  Coco in her new harness.  It's a little big, but the next size down would have choked her.  She's getting groomed soon too.

On our way home we stopped at a local plant nursery and ended up buying a tree for the front garden, where the fig was.  That corner needed something with height, so in a couple of years the new tree will be a bit taller and fill the 'gap'.

I'd show you the tree, but Stew hasn't planted it yet!  lol

ABOVE:  Yeah, just cos I can.

ABOVE:  The new tree.  It's not a cherry tree.  But it is very pretty, very vibrant pink clusters of flowers.  
And Keera, pretending to be Moana and singing at the top of her lungs.  Till she forgot the words, then she shut up!  lol

8.30 pm:  Lacy is almost home after a long day travelling.
She's been sending me random photos all day!
I even got a photo of the little red lady and man marking where the bus bathroom is!  Weird girl.

It's wind down time here... I'm waiting for Coronation Street to come on, and after that it's bedtime.

I walked a total of
165.43 kms this month.


  1. Your garden is looking gorgeous!

  2. There are clouds in our sky....and a bit of rain....and sun..... meh.

  3. They didn't need my approval 'family don't....mum dad, Bex Steve...kelly' they don't need my approval but was very sweet that my parents care xx and they saved the hair for me xx #2

  4. Wow keera it looks so good, great length as I'm pretty average with girls hair haha. Xx 😂😂

  5. Wow the garden is looking fab. Keera is so lucky to have thick hair and a gorgeous colour. I too have washed fine days are a rarity..

  6. Love Keera's haircut. Sio had hers cut like that at about the same age, it is so easy to look after.

  7. Gorgeous photos of your garden. I love the pink tree. Awesome. Keera is so cute. Love the haircut. Hope she has a lovely holiday and you catch up on some 'own' time.

  8. It looks like a great day was had by all. Jeers has to be the cutest girl on the planet! I guess those harnesses are ok for small dogs, but larger dogs can really pull you down the street with them. Nice tree too!

    1. Keera, not jeers. Stupid autocorrect!

  9. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Keera is adorable and looks like a happy little girl. Your garden is coming along nicely and looks fab. Have a great day :)


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