Sunday, September 17, 2017


Off to see the babies again today.
Very exciting as they are now kinda walking... stumbling around pretty much I'm sure.

I will try and get a video of them ok.

We might even be able to narrow down our selection, though it might still be a bit early to see their personalities.

While we are visiting the puppies, Brylee, Griffin and Keera will be spending the afternoon with Steve, Bex and the boys.

So pretty much a repeat of a fortnight ago.
We will be having dinner with the kids before heading home.

So, that's pretty much it for now.  I will try to do an update during the day while we are out.


Well... safely in Auckland by 11 am. We had a wander around Sylvia Park then went to the kid's for lunch.

They had made us bacon n egg pie AND home made sausage rolls for lunch. Seriously delicious.

After lunch Stew and I went and visited the pups again.

I've taken photos and videos which I will share once we are home.

ABOVE: I wonder who this one is?  Just worked out how to upload a photo off my phone! (No, it's not Marley)

We finally got home around 8.15 pm... it was a horrible trip home too.
Torrential rain, so bad in places we could hardly see to drive. Quite Scary!
There was some lightening too.

ABOVE:  Our amazing lunch!  Bex and Steve did well.

 ABOVE:  Happy snaps, and the three kids eating dinner... which was pizza.

 ABOVE:  Cuba (mother dog) and little Harvey, who is going to a girl who used to work with Stew in Greenlane, Auckland.  They found out about the puppies from us, and swooped in and got a wee boy.

ABOVE:  This is MARLEY... she is the only puppy I have EVER seen who has a black dot on her chest!  Very easy for us to tell her from the other four.

And that is all for now... time to relax after that shit drive home.


  1. Drive safely & have a lovely day 😀

  2. Have an awesome day hope the weather is behaving

  3. Looking forward to seeing the puppies. Your blog is a bright spot in my day. Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. nawwwww isn't that puppy that your Marley?

  5. Fancy lunch and puppies! Sounds like a great day minus the drive home

  6. Ohhh Marley is cute cute. I worked Sunday so had an inside cosy day....

  7. Are those hammers on top of that casserole? Did Dante have something to do with that? Looks delish!


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