Thursday, September 28, 2017


For some reason, this week has been totally weird for me.
I keep forgetting what bloody day it is!
I've never been like this before... sure you forget what day it is sometimes, but this week???
Simply cannot keep track of the days.


Like... it IS THURSDAY right?   What do I have on today?  

A walk tonight.

Nothing else planned... that I can remember!

Maybe I just had too much on my mind this week?

I have a couple of photos of our walk last night:

 ABOVE: Lacy took this photo with another girl's phone.

ABOVE:  And I took this one with my phone... huge difference in the clarity and colour!

And that's me for now... I'm off to get the kids to school, then home to do some sewing... AFTER I get the washing on.  *sigh*
Never ends...


Lacy and I went Op Shopping in Cambridge.   She got 3 more tops, which she's thrilled with.  I got nothing.  I'm saving my money for puppy and Birthdays and Christmas and and and.... there's always something!

That lovely photo above,  with Lacy in the tree, has gone into the finals for the FBG's end of year photo competition!  First one to go straight to the final!  Rather proud of that.

Now... off to have a nana nap, I'm so tired!  Really sore back/shoulder/arm... keeping me awake at night.

9.22 pm:  Well it's the end of the day.
Lacy and I went on a FBG's walk again, it was a good, easy one.

Dinner tonight was left over mince/bacon stew on toast... totally lazy!

Now... winding down and cooling down.  Coronation Street is about to start soon... so I'm outta here.


  1. Really good photos Chris. Like how your FBG tops blend beautifully with the tree.

  2. Washing day for me too today! Sheets for days!
    Nice pic of the walk.

  3. Good photo, will we get to see all the finalists? Maybe your blog readers could be the judges, totally unbiased of course, we could always get "Anonymous" to assist, I am sure she (or he) would keep us honest lol.

  4. the first photo with you in the tree, reminds me of one of those hokey record albums from the '70s, you know the ones!!! Christy

  5. Gorgeous the colours


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