Wednesday, September 06, 2017


When we were up in Auckland on Sunday, I took two pieces of fabric with me when we visited the puppies.

One I kept in my bra until we got there.
That one got left in the litter's whelping pen, so they could get used to my smell.

The other one I rubbed all over the puppies, and that one I brought home with us.

And yesterday I gave it to Coco. 

ABOVE:  She was very interested in that rag!  Talk about sniff sniff!  I will get fresh smells for her every time we go up, that way when we bring puppy home she will be used to her smell.
And puppy will be used to our smells too.

All good preparation for both dogs.

6 weeks to go!

Today I am leading a walk at 9.15, so I can't dilly dally around for too long.  
It will be kids to school, then straight to the walk's meeting spot.

After the walk I plan on coming home and making our new puppy her blanket, with her name on it.

So pretty much a repeat of yesterday morning!
I wonder what sort of walk photo we will come up with today?  


This morning's walk was in danger of being cancelled due to the weather putting people off, but so thankful!  There were 6 of us, so the walk could proceed.
It was a fairly short walk, with only one little 'hill', so easy as.
Took us just under an hour, at a moderate pace.

ABOVE:  Our walk photo, nothing fancy like some of the other's walk photos I must say. Some girls go all out and dress up, make little videos and so on!  

I'm happy to be home, it's a cold and miserable day.  Off to do some sewing now.

SHARON:  nope, puppy name is not MANDY.  But good guess considering what letters you could see.

Coco has been a good girl today, not tried to escape at all by the look of it. Quite a relief.

I've got the letters stuck on the polar fleece, ready for stitching, so might just get back to that now the kids are home.

Dinner is in the oven, roast beef and veges tonight.  Ikkk, not a fan of roast beef, so I will be having soup.

Going to sign off now... no one seems to be interested in this today.


  1. I love that walking group. Would love to find one in the new suburb I'm moving to.

    1. Start your own... put it out there on Facebook.. .you might be surprised how many people would be interested. That's how our group got started.

    2. How do you plan your walks? I love the idea of walking the whole area.

    3. The boss lady plots them, I map them to see the distance is where we want it to be (between 5-5.5 kms) then another lady puts up the map with directions we walk in. The boss lady has a big map and as she plots the streets, she colours them in, so she knows what streets we have covered. We have got 95% of our town's streets plotted and mapped now. When someone offers to lead a Section, the boss puts up an EVENT on our Facebook page, we all say if we are going or not. Some days we can have 3-4 walks on, so there's always plenty to choose from. Usually there's 2-3 different sections on offer, and at different times each day. So, everyone can usually find a walk to go on most days. I go for 3-4 each week if I can get them to fit around my other stuff, kids etc. We only proceed with a planned walk if there's 5 or more going too. The boss lady keeps track of who's done what walks, so she knows when you complete the 'Challenge'. I expect to finish the 2nd round of walks in the next couple of weeks, then there is only one more section of this town to go, which is only going to be 2 more walks! Eeeek, then we have to look at doing out of town/bush walks to keep the group going.

  2. Roast pork here tonight, I can't say Im a fan of roast beef either. It always seems dry to me. I had chicken soup for lunch although it doesn't seem to help with the flu that my husband shared with me. Can't complain as I haven't been sick for years

    1. It's the smell of it cooking that I dislike the most. I don't mind a nice steak ... but they are few and far between. Too dry or tough usually. I LOVE CHICKEN AND PORK.

  3. I'm really inspired by your walks. I've been unfit lately due to laziness and getting very sick. Sadly I've gained back all the weight I lost. Probably due to eating all my bakes. Back to square one. I'll try walking this week!

  4. Mandolin? Lol mandarin ... You are doing so well with your walking Coco will be thinking oh oh new puppy!

  5. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Hi Chris what a great idea,what fun it will be to have a new puppy and there will be no stress.Well done with your walking xx

  6. I am so very thrilled you are still walking - and you look so beautiful!


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