Monday, September 04, 2017


Well... here's a few photos of the puppies from yesterday...

ABOVE:  aren't they just adorable!
Now I have to keep visiting until I can choose who is going to be ours!

 ABOVE:  Steve got a set up to 'drive' cars on the Play Station... the kids love it.  I tried it, but so weird... it made me feel car sick!

ABOVE:  I did a LITTLE bit of shopping while up in Auckland.  Some new tea towels, and some more Christmas fabric.  Nothing riveting, but it was shopping!  I love shopping.

It wasn't till I was home before I realised I had no photos of Dante, Keera or Bex from yesterday!  Whoops.
Oh well, we will be up there again in two weeks visiting the puppies again, so I'll take some then.

Today I have Cambridge Patchwork group.  Yikes.  After telling them how I felt about them all... I'm feeling rather nervous about fronting up today. 
Will just have to smile and act like 'normal' I suppose.
I'm going to be making a puppy blanket (with her name) for our new puppy.  I'm not saying what the name is till we bring her home.

So, that's my morning sorted... 


Right.  Patchwork. I felt like the cat amongst the pigeons the whole time.  Ladies made a point of saying Hello to me, and some sat with me too.  But I had this underlying feeling that it was only due to what I'd said.
Maybe only my perception of the situation, but anyway... it was OK.  No one was horrible.
I will keep going until it either feels good, or I decide I've had enough and leave.

Since coming home I've had lunch, and done some washing.

Coco escaped the section while we were up in Auckland yesterday.  She is an amazing escape artist that dog!
So Stew put more wood against the fence line in an effort to keep her in.  When I left this morning I locked her out again... to see if she could get out again.  So far, so good.

I need this section to be escape proof for the puppy to come too!

*** PEPSI*** UPDATED.  Just musings.

It's been a blah sort of day.  I've not felt 100% at all.  Dunno why.
Here's hoping tomorrow is better.


  1. Cute puppies, good luck picking just one :-)

    I am sure the patchwork group will be fine, and if not then it just reinforces your initial concerns and they will continue to not attract new people.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I pick Number 2 amazing chocolate colouring and she will lighten up, George's Mum.

  3. Maria2:19 PM

    Maybe you need a dog run for Coco for when you go out

  4. Those baby girls look NOTHING like their Mama.

    1. They look like their Dad Mac right now. They will lighten up heaps don't worry!


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