Sunday, September 03, 2017



So we are heading up to Auckland this morning.
We will be having a wander around Sylvia Park (our old stomping ground) before meeting up with Steve, Bex and the boys for lunch.

Then we are leaving the 3 kids with them while we go over to Devonport to see the puppies.

I'm very excited!

We won't be choosing which puppy we are going to have today ... it's far too early for them to be displaying their personalities yet.

But it will be neat to see them all the same.
I will be sure to take lots of photos!

And that's about all I have for now... sorry... it's going to be rather late tonight before I'm back.  
We are having dinner with the kids in Auckland too.... rather nice to be invited to dinner!

I will try to do a couple of updates (no photos) during the day.


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dads out there... but of course to my darling Stew in particular:

ABOVE:  Of course... I got him a new piece of Britto!  HE loves it too, so it's not like I'm buying it for myself!  lol

We are heading off now... catch ya later.

It's later... we are not home yet.
Just quickly... the puppies are beautiful... very healthy and content.
No idea who we will be taking home yet.

Auckland traffic is nuts.

Went to Spotlight with Bex and got some more Christmas fabric.

Dinner time in an hour... then we will be heading home.

9.01 pm:  home safely.  Good trip back, bugger all traffic.

Massively grumpy 5 year old girl... straight to bed.

Editing photos... here's a couple:

ABOVE:  Cuba and her 5 gorgeous puppies.  2 boys, 3 girls.
I will post more tomorrow.  For now, I'm actually tired and ready for bed.


  1. Happy Father's Day Dad Love Ya xx
    #missthetribe xx xx xx

    1. Anonymous3:19 PM

      What about saying thanks for raising and supporting all your children Lacy?

    2. Oh piss off Anonymous - or at least have the balls to put a name to your comment.

    3. Anonymous4:57 PM

      It's ok Tracy :) I'm used to keyboard warriors and their tanties online :) I'm just glad Keera is happy and healthy and not being used for a pay check like in other situations :)
      From Lacy Harvey,
      Thank you for your time

  2. Was a lovely day and catch up 😊😊 have a safe trip home

  3. Sounded like a fantastic day.

  4. I'm loving the upside down one! Very cute... Hope y'all had nice day Ariana grande concert last night up in Akld...

  5. Belated Happy Father's Day. Stew looks happy with his gift.

  6. Happy Farhers Day! Cute car 🚗


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