Thursday, September 07, 2017


I don't know if many of you are aware, but Sharon (from Taupo) is trying to guess the puppy's name from some of the letters shown on my blog a couple of days ago.

She's made a few guesses, but ain't anywhere near the right name yet!

So, I decided to give her a few more letters:

ABOVE:  Man I feel so mean.  *smiles*

6 weeks till we get puppy and announce the name.

Today I have TWO walks on.  One this morning, and another one early tonight.
I am trying to get as many fitted in now, before the choices drop and I end up having to wait ages for the ones I haven't done to come up again.  That has happened before and it's rather frustrating.

Once I have done all of the walks, I can then pick and choose what I do, without worrying about falling behind.

I don't like falling behind.  Luckily while I was sick there were no new walks added, so I didn't get behind at all.  So lucky.

After my morning walk I will be coming home to do some housework, then do the applique' around those pesky letters.
Sorry Sharon... have fun with them!


I feel so mean.
I have a confession to make about the puppy name.  I didn't want to say anything till we got puppy home, but I realise now that some of you might get cross trying to guess the name.

There's two names.  Does that help?

WELL DONE TO  Sal's View on guessing the first name!  

Now let's see if anyone can guess the second name.  Hee hee, it's gunna be harder.

I got my days muddled up and didn't have a walk on this morning afterall.... but I do have one tonight.

So I've been sewing.  Now cooking myself some lunch... soup and toast.

Watching Home and Away while having lunch... like I do most days.

The sky went BLACK and we had a torrential down pour at 2.30 pm.  Now waiting to see if our 5.30 pm walk is cancelled.  So frustrating.  
dum dee dooooo....

Well... the walk went ahead!  So pleased.  It was darn cold though.  Got a bit wet a few times, freezing rain drops.  We had hail this afternoon, so that's an indication of how cold it is today!

I've been home about an hour and a half and I'm still freezing, so better get me blankie on I think.

Stew should be home from Rotorua soon, then I can relax for the rest of the evening.  I never relax when I know he's travelling.

My darling got home safe and sound.


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  2. Does it help erm no!!!! Darling Mandy lol

  3. Marley is my guess for pups name.

    1. WELL DONE! Bang on for first name...

  4. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Melania hahaha George's Mum.

  5. I thought Marley too. In fact it screamed at me. But when you said two names I didn't even bother guessing any further. Haha. Should have listened to my gut, eh?

  6. Replies
    1. Anonymous7:55 PM

      Marley Andme.
      Em London

    2. Oh of course lol duh me

    3. Marley ........... ?????? Nope, no one is right yet.

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