Saturday, September 23, 2017


Did I really think I would get a sleep in today?

Yeah... NAH.... didn't happen.

We have to get up early to go and vote... Government elections.  
And then we are going grocery shopping before our visitors arrive.

All going well we get it all done before they arrive, if not, well the teenagers should be home and can let them in.
Not. a. problem.

The Quilt Show starts today.  I hope to get down there to have a good look now that it's all set up.
I hadn't planned on putting anything in the show at all... virtually all my quilts and wall hangings have been given away as gifts and so on.
But at the last minute I remembered my Nautical Star wall hanging, so took that down to be displayed.

ABOVE:  Crap photo taken with me phone, but anyway... shows up nicely there.  I wonder if it's still there, or has it been moved elsewhere?  I will find out later I suppose.

Right, better go and bloody vote... not feeling confident about who will win, and govern our country for the next three years... it will be a tight race.


Everything is going like clockwork here!
Voting done.
Groceries done and put away.
Lunch made... fresh salad/ham/beef/salami sandwiches.
Kids here.... and the sun is shining!

Beautiful day here.  Stunning in fact.  

And then we got visitors!
Sharon from Taupo called in with her son Samuel and his girlfriend Sharni.
It is Samuel's 21st BIRTHDAY TODAY.

ABOVE:  Sharon got a photo album made of Samuel's special moments over his first 21 years, it was lovely!
There he is replicating his baby photo.  Rather cute.  *smiles*

While Steve is here I got him to put a big shelf up in my sewing room.   Photo tomorrow.  I found some awesome shelf brackets from Mitre 10!

ABOVE:  Bex, Steve and Griffin are at Sam and Nicky's  house tonight... they are having fun without kids.
They will be home tomorrow sometime.
This is the FIRST TIME EVER Bex has left Archer overnight.  

I'm sure Stew and I will 'manage' just fine with 3 little kids to look after!  lol

Dinner just over, everyone had a nice meal.  We had saveloys, potato waffles and broccoli and cheese bites.  Very tasty.

Time to chill for the evening.  Kids will be off to bed in about an hour, then I can relax and look forward to Coronation Street after 9 pm.


  1. It's amazing Chris. I'm sure it will get a lot of attention. Enjoy your weekend with the kids.

  2. OMG Chris. Your face looks so much slimmer. You are so beautiful. Can't wait to see the next phase of your journey. Keep Going!!!!

    1. Rather sweet being told I'm beautiful when I'm pulling a silly face, but thank you Karen! ♥

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Was so lovely to catch up all too briefly you are looking so good... Thanks for the lovely gifts for Samuel xx

  5. sounds like a great day!... Lovely family pix as always x Christy x

  6. No Coro tonight just election crap. Had enough of it. Lucky I've recorded heaps.

  7. Enjoy your evening with the kiddies. No Coro tonight just election stuff, actually interesting watching on & off.

    1. Yeah Stew told me no Coro Street... the shits! But as you say, the election results are kinda interesting to keep going back to.

  8. That's a fun pic! I'm sure the little one had a blast with the cousins.


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