Saturday, September 16, 2017


I got a little spoilt last night:

ABOVE:  She really enjoys having a go at different designs... last night I got flowers and dots.  Rather cute.

Today?  Well housework, washing and so on.
If it stays dry Stew will have to get out in the garden... the weeds are longer than the lawn right now!
At least the ground will be super soft, easy to pull freakin' weeds out of.

I might even help him!

And ruin me cute nails?  Hmmmm.

Looking forward to tomorrow... off to see puppy again!


 ABOVE:  The gorgeous flowers my friend Hillary gave me the other day.

 ABOVE:  This shrub about to burst into blue flowers... can't wait!  Seems to be taking forever.

 ABOVE:  The very last of our broccoli. Not sure what to put in the garden now.

ABOVE:  SPRING IS COMING!  No really... it is!
Hasn't been quite so cold the last couple of days... so there is hope in the air.


SO glad I'm not walking today!  We have TORRENTIAL rain with some hail mixed in.  And in 5 minutes the sun will be out again... and repeat.  All. Day. Long. 

It will be a matter of dodging the showers in the garden today for sure.

I just spent a couple of hours sorting through my 'stash' of clothes.  

I originally had FOUR piles of knickers.  
Sorted in sizes.   SUPER FAT.  FAT.  CHUBBY.  NORMAL.

MY BUTT IS NOW CHUBBY!  These are my definitions of MY BUTT... no one else's OK?  My 'normal' is around a size 14.  Right now my butt is fitting size 18 knickers.  I couldn't be happier.

I also went through all the clothes I had up in the wardrobe to 'shrink' into.  And decided to toss at least a third of them into a pile for Hospice shop.  Didn't like them anymore.

Now I have only two piles left.

They are sorted into -20 kilos, and -30 kilos.

Feeling very positive today, I am doing this!

ABOVE:  Keera keeping her Granddad company while he does the weeding.

I did some weeding with him too... but only for about an hour.  No lawns mown today, it's far too wet.  But at least the weeding is done!

It's the evening... Stew's firmly ensconced in the lounge watching rugby, and I'm in the family room watching 'my' programmes, concluding with Coronation Street before bed.

Have a lovely evening.


  1. Love the nails, Brylee is one talented young lady 😀

  2. I think I'm caught up now! My work computer won't let me look at blogspot blogs anymore boo so mostly read on my phone.

    We are finally out of our super hot days so we'll be swapping weather soon!

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Stew can buy you some gardening


  4. Good on you getting clothes to shrink into piles sorted. Isn't it strange the clothes we keep to grow back into and then don't like them when we get down there I had an expencive dress for 100 years wore it once then always to big for it when I did finally loose enough to wear it it was so old fashioned I didn't like it you are doing grand

  5. Great job on the weight loss and good to donate things you no longer like and fit into. Plus: shopping!

  6. Throw all the Fat & Super Fat undies away, you won't need them again 👍🏼

    1. Good girl 👍🏼Soon you will be buying new even smaller ones 😊

    2. I already have about a dozen of the next size down!

  7. Brylee is one talented young lady ��


  8. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Brylee is so kind and talented and Keera dancing just so lovely she is a happy wee girl.
    Love your gardening pics etc and the variety of the blog.
    Well done you with the fitness love the way you keep at it.

    Hospice shops will be loving more donations ,,Spend ages there when on holidays stocking up ,,then redonating the heavier winter things,,, I don't need after the holidays lol

  9. I love that you are slowly shrinking! Slow means that it's more likely to be permanent. Well done Chris :)

  10. You go keera.. love the singing.

  11. Ohhhh I would love love to shop in your pile of clothes that's for sure..... We had same pattern weather here. Was doing U19 Jock Hobbs rugby tournament gate today then WATCHED THE ABs annihilate the boks yeah boi #smashedembro 😀

  12. Anonymous6:14 AM

    My favorite post of the year! Between your kids, grandkids and husband you are so blessed. Looking forward to puppy pics and videos too! I wish you had a reality TV show - it would be so much better than the Kardashians or the other lame programs out now. Love this family!
    Cheers, ~Nicole in CA

  13. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Love the clip! Keera is so cute!!! Well done on the chubby!!!!! Lovely nail work Brylee!!!!!!!


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