Tuesday, September 12, 2017


No walk today.  I'm off into Hamilton instead.

Got my patchwork class at Donna's Quilt Studio.  I shall be working on my puppy blanket, then Christmas bags.

After that .... *sigh*, it's grocery shopping.  

At least it won't be so busy on a Tuesday afternoon, as opposed to the weekend!  
I'm sure I can get around that supermarket in an hour and be home in time to have an hour to chill, before picking the kids up from school.

And they can help unpack and put away the groceries too. Yaaa.

I just hope it's not pissing down with rain when I come out of the supermarket!  Seriously, the weather has been utter shit lately!   So over it.

Shouldn't really complain when you think about everyone overseas who's been affected by the Hurricanes/earthquakes and so on!  Some serious natural disasters lately. 

Right, I better get moving... it's always so busy first thing in the morning.


Almost forgot, for LYNDA:

ABOVE:  Not as clear as I'd like, but you get the gist.

Feeling really BLAH ... no energy.  I hope I pick up by the time I get to patchwork, or I'm not going to be very good company.
Got my dog application in, and the lady behind the desk was very impressed with  my application?
Seems not many people  provide detailed pictures of the property, dog run, fence details etc?  Must be doing something right.
Fingers crossed I get approved.

The puppy blanket got finished, then I did a 'medium' grocery shop and got it all home and away before picking the kids up from school.

Slightly less rain today, thank goodness!

BUT, it's still bloody freezing!  It's like full on winter cold still.  NOT that I'm actually looking forward to summer of course... cos I can't stand the heat.  Can't win.

I'm thinking of taking a little blog break... probably won't blog tomorrow.  The interest is waning I think, so perhaps time to just pull back a bit.  Not much is going on around here nowdays, just everyday stuff.  

Dinner tonight is some really lovely looking Lamb Rissoles with garlic bread.  Not actually that healthy, but I am really, really tired.
Something is catching up with me I think.  Maybe a bit too much walking?

Whatever.  I'm outta here for the day.



  1. Hope you are feeling perkier now :-).

    1. I just ate jelly beans. Feel GREAT! Sugar high.. sugar high..

  2. Thanks Chris, I think I can figure it out :)

  3. Still interested, Chris, in fact your blog is the first thing I read every day, I just don't comment very often. But sometimes a break is good. Enjoy.

  4. I'm still here ... and I too check in with your blog first thing in the morning, and usually several times a day. I'm really admiring your dedication to your walks - and the hard work is paying off Chris - your photos are showing that :) Can't wait to see which puppy will be joining your family soon :)

  5. I think I check your blog hourly 😂
    After nothing over 12 deg for weeks we had 19.5 yesterday than back to 11 today and much the same for another week.
    Lamb sausages here tonight, purchased because they were reduced. No idea what we are having with them.

  6. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Have been reading the thread from faraway, expat kiwi and think Its gr8 you ones there, are helping to bring another generation ,of your Whanau, up with stability and love.
    You all seem like a gr8 unit and Love the way you all enjoy a happy and secure home together .

    Love your garden,, makes us homesick at times..

  7. Anonymous8:48 PM

    PS,,,, to my comment just love the wee dog posts as well >.First started reading "You can call me Sue but haven't had time to comment",,, her pics are amazing as well Gr8 stuff all of you


  8. geee how many years have I been following you now??
    Its a daily habit to check your posts, but hey if you need a break go for it....just don't leave us!!

  9. Rest well and take care. Come back soon.

  10. Remember, I read your blog right from the beginning and I read it everyday. I love the way you make the 'ordinary' family life interesting and you always have beautiful pictures. Pepsi still drives me crazy!!lol I wish I could put everyday things on my own blog and make them as interesting. Always here, just not commenting very often.

  11. Can't wait to see which puppy will be joining your family soon :)



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