Tuesday, September 19, 2017


So yep, it's a bit early to be worrying about this, but I couldn't help myself.

I had planned to keep the new puppy in a penned off area in the garage when I needed to go out or just wanted 'time out' from her under me feet... BUT I just couldn't see me doing that.

It's COLD in the garage! I wouldn't be able to see her!  So I came up with a better idea:

ABOVE:  I shrunk down the dining table so I had an area over here:

ABOVE:  In this corner of the family/dining room!  Perfect.  She will still be inside the house, and right behind my lounge chair!
I will no doubt set up a mirror beside me,  so I can still see her when I'm in my chair too.

Yep, I'm that much of a clucky puppy owner!  I can't help myself.  So... I'm set up almost!  I can now just count down the days... 27 to be exact.  *smiles*

Today I have patchwork in Hamilton.  I will be going to Spotlight on my way to buy some blue polar fleece for the little boy puppy up in Auckland.  His name is Quincy.  I will also trace out his name in class today, ready to make his blanket this week.

After class I will be going to a rug place in Frankton (Hamilton suburb) to see if I can find a 2m X 2m piece of lino for the puppy corner of the family room.  It will be perfect for keeping the carpet clean.  If he doesn't have any, I will try a place out Te Rapa way.

Then I will be heading home again.  Probably be out till early afternoon.  So, catch ya later.


1.05 pm:   Just home from Hamilton.
Patchwork was neat today... I got the letters for Quincy's blanket done and ironed on the polar fleece:

ABOVE:  Now I have to applique' around the letters, add some details and so on.  I should have it finished in plenty of time to take it up in a fortnight.

Steve rang me first thing this morning to tell me not to go buying any lino!  He has a big piece that he can give me.  AWESOME!  That's a good saving for me.  And also meant I didn't have to do lots of driving around today looking for some.

Now it's lunch time for me... then I want to fluff around moving a few pots out the front of the house.

Funny how one's mind works.  I've been thinking and thinking about family lately.  How we never see some, and heaps of others.
And while I did make a big effort when we first moved down here, inviting people over for dinner and so on, I've now come to the realisation that the effort isn't reciprocated AT ALL.

It's like, if I don't invite them over, or arrange to meet in town, we never see them.
And I've now decided that's just fine ... I'm not going to be the one who makes all the effort, and is the 'host' for all the dinners/lunches.

I NEVER expected my parents to do all the visiting, we always went to them.  That's just how it was.

And now, that's how it's gunna be in my home and with my family too.

YOU want to see us, spend time with us, have your kids see us and spend time with us... YOU MAKE THE EFFORT to come here... and you can friggin well bring lunch/dinner with you!  (or invite US to your home!)

Steve and Bex do that.... just saying. 

We actually expect Steve and Bex to visit this weekend as they have plans down here (some party or something), so we will be babysitting the boys.

***EDIT:  AND I have to note it.... Lacy is trying to get down here in the school holidays to visit us too.  She insisted I tell you all, like right NOW!  She doesn't want anyone to think she doesn't want to visit us.  lol

So spent about an hour out the front, Brylee helped moved stuff around with me.
Almost forgot to pick up Keera.  Got up to the school with about 3 minutes spare.  Phew!

Next time... I will keep my phone NEARBY, so I hear the alarm.

And I think that will be all for today.
It should be a quiet night as per usual.

This is my 4,000th POST


  1. Hi Chris,

    If you don't have any luck finding some cheap lino, I've used plastic sheeting that you can buy by the metre from payless plastics. Its not as heavy duty as a piece of lino could still be an option. Our payless plastics in Tauranga have 3-4 rolls with different designs or plain and from memory its about 1.2m in width and you can select what length you want.

    1. Problem solved... Steve has some, so I'm rather lucky.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Maybe they struggle to be in your company?

    1. How interesting that 'someone' immediately tries to BLAME me for my family not visiting! Let's just make out that everything is my fault, I'm the mother/grandmother from hell. Nice one.

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Struggle to be around the Harvey's....really, either your pissed at them or they are pissed at you they will always make you feel welcome, anyone who has a problem.....its in their heads
      #missthe tribe xx 2*

  3. Meow!! Bitchiness as per usual from good old Anonymous.... hiding behind the anonymous button once again....

    Happy 4000th Chris 😊. We luvs ya 😍

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      'like' button from me #2 for kittie444 comment xx

  4. Congratulations on your 4000th post. Personally I do not "struggle to be in your company", nor do I find you "hard work" either, I actually like visiting you :-)

  5. Happy 4,000! Congrats on the lino! And on Quincy! And everything! I like the name btw. :)

  6. Congratulations. We LOVE visiting with you guys just wish we lived closer. Low maintenance and loads of fun to be around. Perhaps we should declare this a 'have a Harvey' week. 😁

    1. Just to be clear, I wasn't suggesting anything inappropriate 😉

    2. No of course you weren't! We love seeing you guys too ... just as much!

    3. Haha Jacqui you're just a Harvey Hug Junkie!

  7. WOW 4,000 posts-Congratulations. Love Quincy's blanket.

  8. Congratulations on 4,000 posts! That's awesome that Steve has some lino you can have. I can very much relate to what you are saying about efforts in visiting etc - I feel the same way about some people with just keeping in touch in general - i.e. why is it that some people only ring you when they want something, or why is it that some people find it so much effort to make a phone call. I've decided to lessen my efforts with those people.

    1. Yep, exactly how I feel all the time. I just decide to give up on some... too one sided.

  9. I love your blankets. So excited to watch your puppy grow up.

  10. 4000 posts wow! We love visiting you too and will see you Saturday...

  11. 4000 posts wahoo I've been reading since the beginning

  12. Congrats on your 4000th post. Those pups are sure cute.


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