Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Today, well this morning anyway, is quite busy.

First up, kids to school, then straight into a walk on the Leamington side of town.
It's been lead by a lady named Gwen, who I really enjoy walking with.
Her pace is excellent for me, and she doesn't get lost.  But ... today's walk is so straightforward, it would be impossible to get lost!

After the walk I'm heading home for a quick shower, then I'm off into Hamilton for the remainder of the patchwork class.  I will be missing the first half, but never mind.

And that is about all I have for now... 


I love this town!  It's not too big, and because it services a large rural area, we have plenty of livestock on our doorsteps.

Today's walk took us out to the 'green belt' area of Leamington, so we got to rub shoulders (LITERALLY) with cows and horses. 
Here is today's walk photo:

ABOVE:  I am not a horse sort of person, but this horse was so friendly!  He wasn't intimidated by the dogs or us.
I also saw two gorgeous Jersey cows, such darlings.

Straight after the walk I raced home and got myself ready to head into Hamilton.

I only ended up missing the first hour of class, which was neat.
I got more Steam A Seam so I could work on the letters for puppy's name.

ABOVE:  Almost ready to start transferring the letters onto fabric. Just have to cut the letters out now.

I will do that shortly.   First though, I better go and see if Coco has escaped or not!

She didn't escape!  Luckily.  I am almost at my wits end with how to keep her in.  We only have a problem with her if we go out ALL DAY.  We have to lock her in the garage (with access outside) because she does naughty things inside when left on her own too long!

So, for now it looks like she can't get out of the section again.  But knowing her.... *sigh*

I'm doing a bit of a silly bugger dinner tonight.  I'm a bit sick of meat and veg.  I'm doing chicken steaks,  baked potatoes with onion/baked beans and cheese on top.  Sounds nice eh?  My mouth is already watering!

TRACY:  yep, nice horse, but I wasn't gunna trust it not to bite me!  Been bitten by a horse when I was a kid... never again!

Time to sign off.  Dinner was lovely.  Time to just relax and watch some telly.


  1. Enjoy your walk..

  2. Sounds like a devine walk. Hope coco didbt escape

  3. Haha, I notice you still managed to be as far from the horse as you could 😀

  4. Ohhhhh is the puppy going to be called Mandy? I see some of those letters or Mandrake!! Lol you are so funny with your horse pic.

  5. Certainly sounds like a lovely place for walking. Keep up the good work.

  6. Horses scare me a bit too, they are so big!


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