Monday, September 11, 2017


First up for today, the usual.

Kids to school.

Then I am leading a walk ... IF it's not too wet to put the girls off.  I will walk rain/hail or shine but some of the girls won't.
If there's less than 5 walkers, the walk is cancelled.

So, fingers crossed it's not raining too much at 9 am.

After the walk (if it goes ahead) I will be coming home to shower and change, then I am going to the council to put in my application to have more than two dogs on my property.  In the future I plan on breeding, and will be getting a boy dog next year, taking our number of dogs to 3.

I hope we pass the inspection that is required.  I can't think why we wouldn't though, our section is fully fenced, we have a dog run area, and so on.  Our dogs will be 'inside' dogs too, not housed outside!  Pets first and foremost.

The girl who has our puppy up in Auckland sent me a photo of one of the girls last night:

ABOVE:  This is Girl #3, she's gorgeous.  All the puppies are wagging their little tails now, and attempting to walk... so they must be getting really cute to watch.

We go up to Auckland again next Sunday to see them again.  Can't wait.  

ABOVE:  He's quite gorgeous.  And a dick.  No matter how hard he tries not to, he just has to make silly faces when the camera comes out.

And that is all for now... catch ya later.


Well it came close... we had heavy rain and hail at 8 am this morning, I was SURE the walk would be cancelled.
But  no, it cleared up just enough to go ahead!

ABOVE:  Before it did actually rain... *smiles*.  Luckily, it only rained for the last 5 mintutes of our walk.  After the walk 3 of us went for morning tea before heading home to dry off.

I'm now going to warm up again before doing anything else.


Feeling crabby, like there is a storm coming and there is nothing I can do about it.  Where's some bloody chocolate?  Probably lucky there is none in the house, I would have inhaled it an hour ago.

I was UP, then I was DOWN, and now... I'm UP again! ...

... I got home from the afternoon school run to this on the doorstep:

Who doesn't love a parcel on the doorstep!

It's from a very dear girlfriend in Coromandel...

ABOVE:  My girlfriend Frieda crocheted this GORGEOUS blanket for me!   Clearly she knows what's my favourite colour... she should, we have been best friends for at least 25 years!

I LOVE IT.  Thank you so much Frieda.

And it's the end of the day... an up 'n' down sorta day... but it's finished just fine.


  1. No chocolate, it will make you feel worse and annoyed with yourself. Go do some sewing or other creative crafty stuff - or rearrange some furniture haha :-)

  2. wow gorgeous blanket and just your colours! Christy xx

  3. Awwww that's a bundle of cute right there... Oh and the puppy too lol. Gee we had sunnyish weather too but this arvo rubbish. Loving that blanket.

  4. I love that blanket - I crochet blankets and love that stitch and pattern. I wonder if it's difficult? Could you take a close up of it so I can have a look?

    1. My girlfriend got the pattern off YouTube!

  5. I love your blog Chris. The photos are just gorgeous. Griffin is a laugh. I love his sense of humour. Lol. Love the blanket, shows how much friends think of you. I've been dreaming about puppies all night. One day!

  6. A very beautiful blanket 😍😍 good to see your still out walking in this yuck weather.


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