Wednesday, September 27, 2017


It's been five days since I had a FBG's walk!
No reason really, just haven't been able to fit one in.

So today I'm going to try and either do a midday one (if it's not hot) or one this evening, in the cool.

Not sure if Lacy wants to tag along?  I will ask her.

Keera will be waking up soon, and she doesn't know Lacy is here.  That should be interesting!

She's not seen Lacy since mid July.

ABOVE: To my utter relief, Lacy is looking very healthy and well!
Must be getting plenty of food up north!

So, once I get Keera and the big kids off to school I will be coming home to finish off a sewing project before deciding if I'll go on the 1 pm walk or not.  

Catch ya later.


You could say I'm in a shitty mood today.  I woke up a few days ago and pulled a muscle in my upper back (left side), and it's only gotten worse as the days wore on.  Now I have pain in my shoulder and running down my arm too.

NOT fun.

Wears you down.  Better take a pill and hope to get some relief.

Heard the saying 'Best thing since sliced bread'?  Yep, that's Lacy in Keera's eyes this morning.  All over her.  Nice.  

Griffin is doing my head in too.  Lazy little shit right now.  Seriously, he only comes out of his room to eat, visit the bathroom and go to school.
I so want to smash his Playstation to smithereens.

ABOVE: And since WHEN is this called 'bed made'???
His room is right beside the front door... and that's what I see every time I go in and out of the family room.

I could close the door, but then that room would never get any fresh air!  *sigh*   Just another thing that's pissing me off this morning.

I will make his bed, tidy his room, vacum his floor and charge the little shit $1 every day I have to do it.  Let's see how long he takes before doing it PROPERLY himself.

ABOVE:  The lovely chair I got Griffin for his room.  He keeps rocking on it.  I have told him over and over again NOT to rock on it as he will damage the legs.
Does he listen?

So, I was going to get Lacy to take the legs OFF, but changed my mind.  He won't sit on it with no legs.  I will just REMOVE it from his room.. he can sit on his bed.

I'm so over kids who just don't listen, or do as they are asked.  So annoying as this only seems to bother ME.

Isn't it normal to NOT want stuff to be wrecked?

The bloody sun came out, so I canned the idea of a midday walk... I would end up too hot and bothered. Not worth it.
Lacy and I will join the 7.15 pm walk tonight instead.  Much cooler then.

I finished the project I was working on in the sewing room, so decided to pull out a UFO.

Got to the point where I needed to pop into town for some border fabric:

ABOVE:  Who remembers this one?  I've decided it will become a quilt, rather than a tablecloth as originally destined to be.

While I was in Spotlight, Lacy went into the Salvation Army Thrift Shop next door and ... she did some shopping too.

ABOVE:  Can you tell she's rather rapt with her shopping?  All those clothes for $41 !
And they are all in the washing machine now, getting clean.  They smelt at bit yuk.

And YEP... we now have a 5 year old who is suddenly 2 years old again and can't do a bloody thing for herself... MUMMY has to help her. 
Kill me now.

I can feel my blood pressure rising...

So, Lacy and I went on a FBG's walk at 7pm... all good.  Fairly slow walk.
I only did 3/4's of the walk as one of our ladies felt unwell, so I walked her back to her car.  I'd already done that section, so it didn't matter that I didn't do it all tonight.

Home now, and just cooling down.  Off to bed in a couple of hours.


  1. She does look good!

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Can Lacy facetime or skype with Keera? Lacy your hair looks shocking sorry!

    1. Lacy does talk and video chat with Keera every now and then. Yes, she's mucked up her hair... too many bleaches. She is well aware of it too.

  3. Maria9:45 AM

    I'd charge more than $1 to clean up. He would probably see that as a good deal and be happy to pay it!

    Very hard I know but please can you try and wean him off the playstation, little by little. I have a 23 yr old who has just moved home after a few years away. He is so addicted to this stuff I'm having major problems. I'm working slowly on it but it's very hard and I wish I had done more to stop this becoming such a thing when he was younger.

  4. Screens screens screens. It's a bloody nightmare my 11 and 6 year old are both addicted I think. Yes, they like board games and sport etc, but the lure of a game / screen is just too much and I simply can't personally entertain them for hours on end, especially through the school holidays. It is very worrying (I worry about the future ie: Maria's comment) but screens and computers are SO very ingrained in our lives and society. It's a very fine line. My boys also don't listen too me (well, the 11 year old is getting better) and they seem determined to destroy everything they touch, which -- yes -- only infuriates me. Tom turns a blind eye. It's all very common, yet *really* annoy, I feel ya on this one. xxx Christy

  5. Hi Lacy, You are looking well. Enjoy your visit with Miss Muppet. x Agghhhh i feel your pain Chris! My youngest is 13 and driving me INSANE!

    1. Anonymous9:58 PM

      Hello Bee, thank you, I am enjoying miss '2' lol xx :)

  6. Keep Grifin's door shut & open the windows in his room instead. To be fair, the bed is at least semi made.

    Sio spends way too much time in her room on her phone & laptop too, very frustrating. I have started making her come for walks with Gary & I on Sundays so at least she gets out of the house & moving.

    Lacy is looking the healthiest she has been in a long time :-).

    1. Anonymous10:00 PM

      Hello Tracy, thank you, I feel good and am happy as well xx

  7. That room of Griffins is positively immaculate compared to how my kid's bedrooms used to be!!! I think you need to buy Griffin a rocking chair, that would be funny.

    1. I had already tidied it before I took the photo.

    2. LOL... OK - he's a boy, it's what they do :)

  8. You have raised 2 generations! You deserve a metal....real recognition for just how hard it is!! Hugs!

  9. Anonymous3:59 PM

    My God your a good woman, Jo

  10. Anonymous5:28 PM

    It sadly goes to show the choices Lacy has made have affected Keera by being in and out of her life.Poor child is obviously dealing with some big stuff at such a young age.I don't know how you don't stop yourself from slapping Lacy for the damage she has done.

  11. Keera is just so excited to have Lacy there, I am sure she will settle down. I am sure she will soon be excited enough to show lacy how clever she is and how much she can do for herself.

    Good shopping spree Lacy :-).

  12. I love the pictures you use for your nit nite Chris. I reckon they'd make neat wall hangings. Where do you find them?

    1. Google Images. I just type in something like 'colourful pictures' or 'cows', 'insects' and so on. Simple! Then I add NITE NITE and boom, done.

  13. Ahh have excitable kid hopefully it won't last long and Keera can demonstrate how I dependant she is becoming.true story when Samuel was 7-8 after a week of tidy your room pick things up please I made him get rubbish bag and choose 6 of his most precious things 3 went back as my dad had bought them 3 WERE BINNED AND CARRIED TO GATE. As I could hear rubbish truck coming they got crushed before his eyes he bawled YES. But he never ever did it again ever.

  14. Oh and there was the time as a teenager had saved hard for $120 black jeans told him TO NOT wear them around his backside gave him 3 warnings he got home one day I had seen him in town jeans down, I was cutting onions sharp knife I made him take jeans off I cut through the legs and crotch told him IF HE SULKED OR THREW TANTRUM then the only clothes he'd be wearing would be school uniform HE NEVER DID THAT AGAIN either. ..


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