Friday, September 15, 2017


It took 2 and a half months, but I finally have a blister on one of my toes!
It happened yesterday after my first walk of the day. Quite novel really, and totally unexpected.

I hope I don't get any more.

I've now got no more walks booked till Monday.

Today I'm off into Hamilton for Weigh in at WW's, then home to do BUGGER ALL!
I still haven't tidied up the sewing room, so I shall do that this morning.

It is amazing how quickly it becomes a mess.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook the other day, it made me laugh!  My stash is safe.

Brylee and Griffin are home on study leave, starting today, and extending through all of next week.
Brylee has an exam this morning, so it's still the normal school run for me.

School holidays start in another two weeks too, I'm actually looking forward to the break from the school run and so on.  

But for now... it's Friday... and I couldn't be happier.  As I said the other day, it's been a long week.


NORTH KOREA fired ANOTHER missile? WTF are they doing?  Do they want WW3?  Such a worry.

And I'm bothered by a bloody blister?  *shaking my head*

Just got on the scales at home... expect a 2 kg GAIN this week!  I know I've not been that good... but 2 kg ?  Fuck.
Let's blame the takeaways last night.  Oh and the Lemon Meringue Pie.  Grrrrrr.

And... yes, I did put on almost 2 kgs!  1.9 to be exact.  I'm NOT upset by that, I know why and I will do better next week.  Can't be de-railed by a little glitch can I?

My legs and feet hurt today, so lucky I'm taking a few days off walking.

ABOVE:  I had to check first....  *smiles*... but yeah... my Achilles tendons are a bit sore today.  Not super bad, just very aware of them hurting.  Not had that before.  

Moving on... almost time to pick up Keera then have an hour to relax before cooking dinner.
Which will be pork slices cooked in some sort of marinade, accompanied by veges.

3 pm:  came down with a killer headache, so once I'd picked up Keera I came home and went to bed for a couple of hours.

And so typical, I missed TWO visitors!  So sorry Sharon and Jacqui.... I would have loved to see you both.

I also got messages to help re-map the last section of Leamington's walks.  We had missed out two streets, so I've just done that.
And I get to walk it on Monday... and man it's a long one now!

Happy to say my Achilles feel much better this evening.  Watching mindless tv... Coronation Street soon... then bed.


  1. Yay for Friday!!! Hope your blister heals and you don't get any more. How many more years does Brylee have at school and has she any idea what she's going to do when she finishes?

    1. She's doing one more year, then she hopes to train in early childcare.

    2. Bry would be really good in early child care. She is so good with the kids.

  2. Sio is on study break too - even though she doesn't actually have any exams to study for?!?!!?

    Scales are stupid :-(. Maybe the WW ones will like you more, I am sure if it is a gain it will be a glitch, and you will be back on track again :-)

  3. I am having surgery to have my ankle fused and Achilles lengthened. Its a subtalar Arthodesis and Tendo achilles lenghthening. In a moment of weakness (a few wines) I googled it! Very stupid of me! Have a great weekend!

    1. That doesn't sound good chick!

  4. Good plan to have a rest from the walks. Hope the legs and feet feel better quickly. have a good weekend.

  5. My right Achilles tendon started to hurt this week. First time actually. I haven't been exercising so it could be due to old age. I used fastum gel and within 2 days the pain went away. I'm guessing it wasn't that badly hurt in the first place!

    1. Glad it healed chick. Old age? Pfffft, you are not old Chick!

  6. Rest well have a good weekend.

  7. That's ok I am up your way again sat 23rd so will pop in leaving Taupo around 1030/1100am when I got home I was I bed by 7pm!!!! Have had a crazy week...

  8. Back to reading your blog! You are the most faithful blogger I have ever known, and it is so nice to know I can come to read your blog and you will be there! Hope you heal up quickly with your tendon! Hugs~

  9. I'm guessing it wasn't that badly hurt in the first place!



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