Friday, September 22, 2017


This weekend the Cambridge Patchwork group I attend is holding a Quilt Show,  just down the road in the Anglican Church.

So today it's set up day down at the church hall.  I will be going down at 10 am to do my bit towards setting up all the stands, hanging quilts and so on.

I might even drag Brylee down there with me, if I can get her out of bed that is!

So, no walk this morning that's for sure.  

After helping out down at the church, I will come home and work on puppy Quincy's blanket, I should get it finished today.

'J',  the puppies owner,  has been struggling to get the puppies started on solids, and I was about to go up there for a full day to see if I could help out.  

So funny, when I suggested that to her last night, she said she had been about to ask me to do just that!
BUT... the puppies are now getting the hang of trying the food, so I shouldn't need to go up after all.

Next time we go up, they will be 6 weeks old... the time is flying by!

I will take some photos of the quilts etc while I'm out, there are bound to be some gorgeous ones!

ABOVE:  Last night's walk photo... so lovely getting to see 3 mares with foals.  Not so lovely, the 4 wire electric fence, with no warning signs anywhere.  

The little dog who was with us got a nasty shock by going too close as we were walking on the footpath, that the fence ran alongside of.

And that's about all I have for now... catch ya later... have a nice morning.


So far it's been busy!

Went down to the church and helped for a while..


 ABOVE:  Labels on every single one ...

 ABOVE:  Yep... even more!

 ABOVE :  sorting out where to hang what... a huge job.

After a couple of hours I took off, picked up the big kids and went to weigh in at WW.  Went up .200 grams.  Not happy with that. Grrr.

After WW, we met Stew at the Hamilton Gardens for lunch... followed by a walk around the little lake.

 ABOVE:  We fed the few ducks and ducklings that were there, and that huge eel.

ABOVE: The ducklings were so cute.

Home now (2.30 pm) and will be heading out again soon to pick up Keera from school.  

Yaaa it's Friday.  Sleep in tomorrow.

Time to wind up my blogging day... going to enjoy a quiet evening in the sewing room until Coronation Street comes on.


  1. You will be getting a work out of a different kind. At least it b dry

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Maybe you should all put in a complaint if it is so close to the footpath a child could touch it also...


  3. Happy the puppies are eating! You are the dog expert if she needed help!

    1. In no way am I an 'expert'... but I certainly have more experience that 'J'! This is her first ever litter.

  4. Enjoy your day, I am looking forward to seeing photos of the quilts :-)

  5. Gosh lots work in those quilts beautiful, my busy day/week has ended time to unwind a little.

  6. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Poor little puppy. Is it legal to have an electric fence without a sign? Love the photos of the ducks. Brylee and Griffin are such beautiful kids. They are growing up so fast.
    Kym/ Australia

  7. Wow that is quite the collection of quilts. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. I'm glad no one else touched the fence! Ouch!

    Busy day! Griffin sure is changing!


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