Monday, September 25, 2017


MONDAY! Thank goodness.  It was a busy weekend and I'm ready for some peace and quiet.
It was lovely to have family visit, don't get me wrong!  But it's always nice when Monday rolls around and things go back to 'normal'.

A few more photos of the weekend:

ABOVE:  Keera alternates between calling Steve 'Uncle Steve', 'Uncle Dad' and 'Dad'!  Rather cute.  She's still getting used to the idea that he will be her DAD when she goes to live with them.
She LOVES the idea of course.

 ABOVE:  It took a little bit of hint dropping, but I eventually got Steve to add ANOTHER, shorter shelf in my sewing room...

 ABOVE:  I'm thrilled to bits with my shelves! 

ABOVE:  Stew found these old 's' shaped hooks in the garage, so I made good use of them.  Pretty nifty eh?  I'm freakin' happy with my sewing work room.

Today?  Kids to school, then home to paint a couple of outdoor pots, do some housework and enjoy the silence.  *smiles*


Another 'clockwork' day.  Everything is going to plan.

Just talked with Lacy... she's going to be coming down tomorrow for a visit.  Will be interesting to see how that goes, Keera hasn't spent much time with Lacy in months.

 ABOVE:  Making dirty cream pots nice and white... waiting for paint to dry, then they can go outside again.  I found the perfect place for them too.

ABOVE:  Stew went to use the iron last night... STONE COLD, not working.
So I went down to Briscoes to find a new one... as I figured it would cost as much to get it fixed as a new one.

Maybe not!  Can you believe the cheapest iron there was $99!  I got it though, cos we certainly need an iron.  

At least it's blue.  lol

So the remainder of the day has gone as per usual.
Prepared dinner for the family, then I went to Weight Watchers.  It was a nice meeting.
Home and now... watching some TV while yakking to friends on Facebook... mostly girls from my walking group.

Time to sign off.  


  1. I sure know what you mean about a nice quiet house after company! Keera has always been a little doll! So sweet!

  2. Love the shelves you have had out up, you are so lucky to have handy men in the family. The hooks are a wonderful idea, everything where you can see it and ready for action!!

  3. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I feel so sad for Keera.She has been through so much for such a young child.She is so lucky to have an extended family that obviously love and care for her.Hope she gets to stay forever with Steve and Beks and Lacy gets the help she obviously needs and grows up and stops repeating the same behaviours over and over again.No good comes from putting men and partying before children.Children are not disposable and when it gets hard you don't just palm them off.It's a life time commitment.Your sewing room looks amazing btw!

  4. Lovely photos of everyone. I am back in quiet surrounds so to speak.... Relaxing currently at work.


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