Saturday, September 02, 2017


Right.... DOGSTARS asked me yesterday to show her our existing toilets, so she can see what is wrong with them.

I will post these photos of our toilets, but I'm not going to tell you what the problem is, let's see if YOU can work it out!

I suggest you look at our toilets, then go look at yours.... CLUE: pay attention to the inside of the toilet.

ABOVE:  They look LOVELY at a glance eh?  AND they have soft close lids too.

ABOVE:  Now ... go look at your's.

I await your conclusions ... ha ha ha!

I never in a million years thought I would be posting photos of my TOILETS ON MY BLOG!!!

Now, as for today... Griffin's off into town to  hang out with his mates.
Brylee broke up with her boyfriend .. he wanted more than she was prepared to give (good girl!), so she's staying home.

Tomorrow we are out all day, so we need to get the school uniforms washed, do the usual housework bla bla bla.

So...I'm off to make a start on the washing.  Have fun looking at ya toilets!  *smiles*


yeah... you all get it eh?   I can't wait till we get the new ones!

It's wet wet wet today, so nothing happening outside today.
Griffin's still gone into town, so he's gunna get wet but doesn't care.  Hanging out with the friends is more important. 

Stew has been busy in the laundry.... washing is on, hung out, put away and more is in the machine.  He's so helpful.  I get so over washing!  It's never ending. 

So it really is a lazy day here!  I've done vitually NOTHING all day.  Well, I have been mapping new walks... checking the distance for our 'Boss Lady' *smiles*.
She's now added 5 new walks, so there will be plenty on offer over the next couple of weeks.

So it's the end of the day and it's been a seriously do nothing day!
Tomorrow will be different.


  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I guess you have to use the brush alot! Helen in France

  2. Is there no way to go inside the water tank and adjust it so that the water level is higher in the bowl?

  3. Yep see what you mean, they are really different. Ours are either 1 litre or 3 litre flush but much better design.
    Well done to Brylee for saying no.

  4. Well done bry 😊😊 and not a fan of your toilets either. Haha

  5. the water level isn't the main problem...

  6. uuurgh that flat-ish area right below where you sit????!!!!

  7. Little bit of a ledge there? Yuck. I do like the outside though lol

  8. Those toilets are just #horrible, going #1 is fine...but #2 well that's just a whole different *mud story, I'll give $10 to anyone who can do a #2 into the *designated area into the water without it touching the ledge or the very narrow *drop zone.
    Thank you for your time 😎👍

  9. I wonder who came up with that design..


    1. The plumbers said 'CHINA'. I am sure they came from there, the builder of this house was a Chinese man. Our next door neighbour's house was built by him too... I wonder if they have changed their toilets?

  10. Yep, seems likes flat area in there just waiting for a deposit! The smooth outside is nice though, and I like the big flush little flush feature.

    1. Bang on re: the 'deposit'! The other features are nice... so we will be getting the same sort of thing, but with the bowl better designed.

  11. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Chris, you are looking very well and fit. Good job on the walking - keep going! Once the last of the 4 of my brood moves out next week for a new job in a new state, the hubby and I are going to get fit like you :) Right now, I'm having to cook dinner for 3 people and I always cook too much (always have) ..... and end up eating too much. It's much easier for me mentally to prepare meals for just 2 people. Looking forward to it.

    I see the problems with your toilets ..... they look like they might get yukky quite quickly with that design LOL I see why you are changing them out.

    Good for Brylee. Healthy self respect for sure. Smart girl.

  12. When I was in America the toilets were like yours with a 'hole' but the water level was much higher, too high even! When you wiped your hand got wet!

  13. Your water level is too low. There should be a water indicator inside the toilet showing you the max level of the water for the tank. You don't need to replace the toilets. Try adjusting the water level. If that does not work. Replace the water pump. Super easy to do these days as everything is standard.


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