Sunday, October 01, 2017


FAR OUT... it's already OCTOBER!  I've got three months to lose 11 kilos to get to my first BIG goal.  Bet I can do it!

Very excited!
Today we visit Marley for the last time... and in two weeks we get to bring her HOME.

I made a puppy blanket for 'J's little boy...

ABOVE: Front and back.  I hope she likes it.... actually scrap that.  I know she will love it!
I have a little gift for her too... a surprise.  Can't put it on here in case she sees it.

When we get to Auckland, we will be having lunch with Bex and the boys, then leaving Keera there.  The big kids are coming with us today to see the puppies.  They have not seen them till now, except in photos. 

I haven't checked the weather forecast, but after seeing the puppies it would be nice to go down into Devonport and have a wander around.  It's a while since we were there, and it's just lovely.  I've missed Devonport.
(and there's a rather lovely fabric shop there too) lol

So, it's all go here.  I've got to pack up Keera's stuff (DON'T forget her bedding this time!), and remember various other shit.

I will do my best to update a couple of times during the day... until then.... catch ya later.


Well it's wet and miserable in Auckland... and surprisingly cold too.
We have had lunch with the kids and are now on our way over to the North Shore ti visit the puppies.


7.11 pm and finally leaving Auckland. Its been another lovely visit with pups and family.
Another wet trip home ahead of us... and let's throw in gale force winds too!  Pouring with rain...

... winds nowhere as bad now we are out of Auckland! That's good!

9.00 pm:  Home safe and sound.  Glad to get out off the road.  Horrible weather out there.

Editing a few photos, will post them tomorrow.  Right now, it's chill out time, then bed.


  1. Have fun in Auckland . We are currently sitting on the plane.

  2. It's yuk weather up here today.... drive carefully!

  3. Yes the weather is awful so drive carefully 😢

  4. Safe trip home guys

  5. Yay, glad you are home safe. Weather is vile.

  6. Now that's crazy... I'm in Auckland and we've not had a breath of wind!! Clearly we are very sheltered :) . Glad you are home safe and sound.

    1. That is crazy cos where we were it was certainly getting very gusty and wild.

    2. We sure got the gale force winds in the middle of the night though! I thought the house would blow away :)

  7. No wind here but heaps rain...... I have moved in 3 hrs today long story hate hate it but now somewhere warm and safe with friends.... Am working next 5 days in a row not off till sat....


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