Saturday, September 09, 2017


Scott's Cafe in Leamington, Cambridge had a Giveaway for a cake on Facebook. You had to like their page, and nominate someone to win a cake. Kelly nominated me, and she won!

So I get a cake! Thanks so much Kelly!

ABOVE:  This is the exact cake I have won!
How lucky am I?
I nominated Stew... how lucky is he, he gets to share my cake!

We will be picking our cake up at lunchtime today.

I'm still trying to decide if I will go on a walk this morning... it will depend on how I feel in an hour I suppose.

We don't have any other plans for the day so far... so I will catch ya later.


This morning's walk went ahead, even though it was pissing down with rain.  It wasn't quite as long as I thought, only 5.5 kms.  Got sopping wet, came home and put dye through hair.


Looks like I have bright orange on top and goodness knows what on the rest ... it's still wet.  Time will show... Eeeeeek!

ABOVE:  huge relief!  It's not TOO ORANGE.  Definite tinge of orange, but I can live with it.  Will put some purple shampoo in it tomorrow to tone it down.

We picked up the cake and it's as amazing as it looks.  Had cake for lunch!  Naughty.

 ABOVE:  Ahhh... yum!  

 ABOVE:  It was a really lovely chocolate mud cake.  HUGE.  We will still be eating it tomorrow I'd say.

ABOVE:  The girls having fun together in the lounge.

Totally awesome day!  Walk in the rain/cake/visitors/delicious dinner.
Coronation Street is coming up and I can hardly keep awake!  
So tired, might just have to go to bed and watch Coro tomorrow.


  1. The one and only time I did a home dye it went orange and I had to wash it heaps before it disappeared lol. Good for you walking in the rain. Enjoy the rest of your day and that yummy cake.

  2. Raining here too! I went to yoga instead of my walk.

    Looking forward to photos of the hair dye job, hopefully it will dry out okay 👍🏼

  3. I have vowed NEVER to put bleach in my own hair again. I destroy it every single time. Now I get something that is called "Ombre Fade". It is darker at the top (basically my natural color) and fades to blond on the ends. This makes my salon visits far more infrequent.

    1. Sounds like something I should do next time I go to the salon.

  4. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Next time wait till I come down and I'll put it in, mine is box dye xx #missthetribe

  5. How cool you guys won a cake! Looks yummy!

  6. Cake looks lovely. Can you freeze some for school lunches if it doesn't get eaten ?

  7. Next time use a light ash blonde - that colour will fade and looks OK. Light ash blonde has not red or orange in it.

  8. Cake was amazing. Thanks for allowing us too visit.

  9. Cake looks divine yum! We woke too rain I washed me car in the rain have relaxing day by fire watching rugby all day and night.....

  10. Your hair looks great! And the cake is a work of art. I don't know how you get it to stick together and not fall apart in such a way that the slices can be lifted and eaten. You always have to eat mine with a fork.

  11. Light ash blonde has not red or orange in it.



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