Monday, September 18, 2017


Our visit to see the puppies yesterday went very well.
I got to cluck over them all... and also to decide which one was our Marley.

 ABOVE:  Marley is one of these two.

 ABOVE: Cuba and her five puppies.
All happily feeding.

ABOVE:  All of the puppies are adorable!  Even Stew had a cluck over them this time.

ABOVE:  I got a very short video of some of the pups too.

We spent a good hour and a half with the pups, then I showed the pup's owner how to prepare their food...  as from today they will start being offered puppy food.  The start of weaning.

Four weeks till they can leave home... and come home.  *smiles*

Today I am going for a walk at 10.30, PROVIDED the heavens don't open and piss down on us.  I pray it stays reasonably fine, cos this walk is the final one on the Leamington side for me.  

Time to start the day, I've only got to get Keera off to school today, the two teenagers are home on study leave all week.


So it's 9.45 am, the walk hasn't been cancelled (so far).  The weather is utter shit, rain on/off and cold as f*#k.
I'm not looking forward to this walk... it's a freakin' long one at 6.6 kms, and it has hills.
I hate hills.

But on the other hand, I also desperately want to get this one DONE ...  So, mixed feelings.

After the walk I'm going for a celebratory morning tea/lunch with a few of the girls.  IF we are not dripping wet and cold.

1.50 pm:  And the walk went ahead, even though it was raining.  So happy to report I've done Leamington!

ABOVE:  Some days I have a fat face, today is one of them!  Photo angles eh?  lol
Still got a long way to go with the weight, but slow and steady.
5 inches off the bust AND bum now!  I don't mind if it takes another year or two... as long as it keeps coming off.  *smiles*

Since this morning's walk I've not had much energy, in fact I've been feeling quite knackered.  Usually I feel quite 'pumped' after a walk.  Not today.

I got bloody shin splints again this morning... not excruciating but bad enough to make me have to stop a few times.  So, I think the starting pace might have been a bit fast for me?

Moving on... tonight's dinner is left overs.  There's enough stuff in the fridge to feed everyone, so no waste.  The family can choose something and bloody well eat it.

I'm not going to the Monday Weight Watchers meeting tonight.  I go for the social side of the meeting on Mondays, but I'm just feeling so tired I'm giving it a miss.

And that people, is about 'it' for today.  Going into Hamilton tomorrow for patchwork class, and will be getting some blue polar fleece to make a puppy blanket for the puppy owner's new little boy puppy. She saw the one I made for Marley and fell in love with it, so of course, wanted one for her little puppy!  Typical really, and I had half expected her to order one.  lol


  1. I love the little one Stew is holding in his right hand. Sweet!

  2. That one is our Marley.

  3. Great effort Chris your determination is an inspiration you rock

  4. re the shin splints - have you tried calf stretches prior to walking? I used to get them too really bad and felt that plenty of stretching helped a bit. Guess it's worth a try?

    1. Yep I've tried that. It didn't help at all. They hit pretty fast, and last for about 4 kilometers, then they ease off. My right one is worse than the left too. So frustrating. I had about 6 weeks with none too... so I don't know why they have kicked back in. Grrrr.

    2. Just a thought off the top of my head... have you tried walking in compression socks? Like the ones used for long plane trips or shin only ones - which Rebel sport would probably stock.

    3. Do you think it would help?

  5. Marley is so cute ❤️

  6. Little wiggle butts so cute!

  7. Ohhhh puppy cuteness ! It's snowed desert rd that's why truckies told me. I bet your pleased you walked.....


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